Round 7 Let´s Dance: Jorge as KOHÚTIK, angry Svarinská, Koleník’s COMPLAINT and THAT FALLED OUT –

It probably didn’t surprise anyone that Vincze started the Easter round of the dance show traditionally. “Adel, how are you with the bunnies?” He did not forgive the shabby remark to Vincze’s wife. “I am shocked and I liked it. When you were in a pair and the introduction was famous,” said Ján Ďurovčík. He received up to 30 points in total. Kristína Svarinská danced after them. After her performance, only a certain part of the audience applauded what Vincze said: “Is that your paid extra? Attila asked how much you pay to cheer like that, too, “Viktor laughed, and Kristína said angrily,” I don’t pay, dude pays! I greet everyone this way! ” Svarinská, who aimed at articles published in the media about how much her young boyfriend, youtuber Explo, earns. The juror Tatiana Drexler did not praise her very much and remarked that they are loitering during training. Adam Bardy was the replacement. However, the jury did not please him. “You suffocated the cabbage,” Ďurovčík said. His performance was followed by Ján Koleník. It was obvious that Koleník himself had already complained about this, to whom eternal to exaggerated praises and remarks about his perfection were getting on his nerves, and obviously he was not even pleased with the other competitors. Paradoxically, the jury did not fall for the back of his seventh performance, but everyone gave him 9 points. Attila Végh and his folk dance from Myjava. Source: tv awning Zuzana Kubovčíková Šebová was the last to appear on the floor in front of the people. That jury praised the most. The audience then enjoyed the folklore fever on the floor. Attila Végh and Kristína Svarinská and their dance partners were the first to perform the folk dance from Myjava. The bottle dance was performed by Dominika Cibulková and Zuzana Kubovčíková Šebová. And the very last Ján Koleník and Adam Bardy ran to the dance floor and performed a folk dance from Očová. The sexy actors have earned a standing ovation. And who finally dropped out in the seventh round? Kristína Svarinská and Marek Klič left the show. Read also: Author: dd