War in Ukraine: Vladimir Putin decorates a brigade accused of abuses in Boutcha – franceinfo

In a decree, the Russian president salutes the “great professionalism” of the military, whom the Ukrainian authorities accuse of having participated in the massacres of civilians in this city located near kyiv. Article written by Published on 04/18/2022 19:35 Updated on 04/18/2022 22:18 Reading time: 1 min. His name is associated with the abuses of Boutcha (Ukraine), near kyiv. The 64th Motorized Rifle Brigade did indeed receive, on Monday, April 18, the “honorary title of Guard” in a decree signed by Vladimir Putin himself. “The skillful and decisive actions of all (brigade) personnel during the special military operation in Ukraine are a model of the execution of military duty, courage, determination and high professionalism,” the Russian president wrote. addressed to the military. The discovery in the streets of this locality of corpses of civilians, shortly after the withdrawal of Russian soldiers, had sparked a wave of international indignation in early April. Ukrainian investigators are still working there to gather elements of “war crimes”. Russia had for its part denied any “war crime”, ensuring on the contrary that the Ukrainian authorities and the Western media had staged the massacre or that the Ukrainian forces had perpetrated it to accuse Moscow of it. A few days after the discovery of the corpses littering the streets of Boutcha, Ukrainian activists identified Azatbek Omurbeko as the leader of the Russian units present in the city north of kyiv, where hundreds of civilians were massacred in the middle of the street. Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share by email Share link