VIDEO Trnava fights fiercely for second place: Triumph over Sereďa has reached Ružomberok – Š

In the picture, the joy of the Trnava players after scoring the goal Source: TASR / Lukáš Grinaj GOLDEN MORAVCE – Spartak Trnava footballers won in the match of the 6th round of the superstructure group for the title in the Fortuna League in Zlaté Moravce above ŠKF Sereď 2: 0. Both goals fell after the break. After the second win in a row, Trnava ranks third with the same point gain as the second Ružomberok. SKF Sered – Spartak Trnava 0: 2 (0: 0)
Goals: 72. Savvidis (from 11 m), 82. Bamidele. Judges: Gemzický – Vorel, Jekkel, ŽK: Radič, Dias – Savvidis, Bukata, 380 spectators Sereď: Chudý – Popovič, Dias, Šulek (67. Matheus), Jureškin – Morong, Iglesias, Ljubičič, Yao (67. Todorovski) – Radič (73. Moses), Haša (87. Potoma) Trnava: Kamenár – Koštrna, Čurma, Tumma, Mikovič (62. Bolaji) – Azevedo, Savvidis, Bukata (80. Procházka), Ramadan (41. Grič) – Kozák ( 62. Bamidele), Ristovski (41. Olejník) A well-balanced game was played from the opening minutes. Attentive defensive stood on both sides, shooting opportunities were very difficult to emerge. In the 12th minute, after Jureškin’s pass, Radič found himself in a good position, with a shot over his head aiming just outside. Azevedo slipped and slithered in the wet grass. His usual rapid runs were nowhere to be seen today. In the 29th minute, the guests performed a clever combination with the unsuccessful ending of Ramadan. In the 37th minute, Dias tried his luck with a ground shot from behind the penalty area, but he did not hit Kamenár’s goal. At the end of the first act, he fired high above Kozák. Photo gallery (6) Source: TASR / Lukáš Grinaj After the change of parties, the guests gradually started to assert themselves. In the 55th minute, the home captain Morong cleverly advanced to the shot from the penalty area, but narrowly missed the goal. After an hour of play, Grič could have opened a goal account. Kozák could not bring the shot into the net. From that moment on, the guests stepped up their pressure. In the 64th minute, Azevedo had a certain goal on the foot, but Chudý saved in a great way. In the 69th minute, after examining the situation with VAR and Diasa’s hand, the Spartacists kicked a penalty kick. A curious situation followed, Savvidis set the ball on the white point up to three times in two minutes. Not even two attempts, not recognized by the referee, drove him crazy, he was successful for the third time and the guests took the lead. The score was again 82 minutes into the match, making the score 0 – 2 after some elegant movement down the middle. After a good performance in the second half, the guests took home three points. Voices after the match Juraj Jarábek, Serede coach: “Trnava had nothing in the first half. We had some breaks, a pity for Radič’s scissors. The turning point came when Trnava helped VAR. He kicked a penalty that no one saw. If we want to be successful with Trnava forward. ” Michal Gašparík, coach of Trnava: “We didn’t have a good start to the match. It was slow, so I started the substitution by half time. The second half was much better on our part. Our quality showed and the result could have been even more beautiful. Today they came out alternations that have revived the game. ” Photo gallery for article Number of photos: 6 Author: © VIDEO list: TASR / Lukáš Grinaj Source: TASR