They love each other…well, almost! on TF1: “pretty surprises”, “cliches”… what do the press think of the TV movie based on Muriel Robin’s show? – AlloCine

After “I Love You Coiffure”, TF1 transposes to the screen this evening a second play by the comedian co-written with Pierre Palmade, in a two-part TV movie summoning a whole gallery of guests. Did it appeal to critics? CYRIL MOREAU / BESTIMAGE What is it about? In their Parisian building, follow the intertwined stories of five couples and their entourage over the four seasons of the year. Whether they are married, separated or divorced, they will bring to light the good and bad sides of living together: consent to marriage, the ordeal of in-laws, daily disputes, jealousies, friendship, lies, infidelities, little misunderstandings… Life, in a way! They love each other…well, almost! – Created by Muriel Robin and directed by Hervé Brami With Muriel Robin, Pierre Arditi, Carole Bouquet, Pierre Palmade, Audrey Fleurot… Monday April 18 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1 and in preview on SALTO What the press thinks. .. According to Télé Z: This delightful adaptation has some nice surprises in store. Even if we know the texts, their reinterpretation remains tasty. 3/5 Read the full review According to Télé 7 Jours: This TV movie adapts sketches from the show They Love Each Other, and its sequels. With not just one but half a dozen couples. Special mention to the duo Muriel Robin – Pierre Arditi. And a moved thought for the late Jean-Pierre Pernaut, who makes a surprise appearance in a composition role. 3/5 Read the full review According to Télé Star: (…) pretty numbers by actors interspersed with particularly comical scenes. 3/5 Read the full review According to Télé Loisirs: This new fiction – adapted from the play “Ils s’aiment” by Muriel Robin and Pierre Palmade, whose 25th anniversary we are celebrating – is entertaining, despite clichés here and there . The cast is high-flying and the winks are sure to amuse, like seeing Nikos Aliagas as a wedding photographer. 2.5/5 Read the full review According to Télérama: Each couple is entitled to their own series of sketches, of very uneven quality. If some episodes are frankly yawning (those with Palmade and Bouquet), we will still remember the tasty shouting matches of Muriel Robin and Pierre Arditi, excellent as old divorcees unable to separate. 2/5 Read the full review They love each other… finally almost on TF1: the first images of the TV movie adapted from the show by Michèle Laroque and Pierre Palmade