Svarinská said goodbye to Let’s Dance. She held on bravely, but with her words tears flooded the face of another lady –

An evening full of dancing was not missing on Marquis’s screens even during the Easter weekend. And despite the festive atmosphere, the competitors did not avoid elimination. After his announcement, it was clear that a “male superiority” was entering the next round. Photo: Markíza Kristína Svarinská and Marek Klič in the 3rd round of the Let’s Dance show. Actress Kristína Svarinská, whose partner on the dance floor was Marek Klič, said goodbye to the Let’s Dance competition on Easter Sunday. Although their joint performances, ballroom dance and folk round, they received the appropriate audience response during the evening and brought them a total of 54 points from the jury, it was not enough to advance to the next round. During the exciting decision-making, the moderator Viktor Vincze kept tennis player Dominika Cibulková and Svarinská as the last two contestants in front of the spectators in the hall and at the television screens. However, the latter had to say goodbye. “I want to thank my dance friends I’ve been to camp with. I would like to thank my therapeutic group, which has grown unexpectedly. But most of all, I would like to thank you, Marek, because you taught me a lot. And not only on the floor, but also off it, because you’re one great amazing person. You taught me humility, you taught me how to stand with pride and move on, “said a charming Slovak actress with a microphone in her hand. Read more To be a favorite Slovak in the Czech Republic ?! It’s enough for me to be a favorite actress, says Svarinská Although she managed the situation with a smile, her emotions still dominated the seventh dance round. Tears came to Svarinská’s partner Marek Klič’s eyes, and the camera also captured the weeping dancer Dominika Rošková (Adam Bardy’s partner), who was watching an emotional farewell with other colleagues. Photo: TV Markíza rosko Dancer Dominika Rošková in tears at the departure of Kristína Svarinská and Marek Klič. The cameras also found Svarin’s partner – YouTuber Expla, who regularly accompanied her on individual rounds. The couple has only recently “officially” confirmed their relationship to the public on the social network. The number of competitors thus decreased to five pairs after Svarinská dropped out. This time, male celebrities already predominate in them. Actors Ján Koleník, Adam Bardy and wrestler Attila Végh advanced to the next round, who will be joined by the aforementioned Dominika Cibulková and actress Zuzana Šebová. VIDEO: Kristína Svarinská about the new film Heart on the Palm.