A 14-year-old teenager confronted an intruder with kitchen knives and a cell phone camera

The young woman said that adrenaline led her to take a couple of kitchen knives to get the man out of her house. (CNN) –– A 14-year-old girl in Massachusetts faced an intruder who broke into her home, and police say she even helped them catch a suspect. The young woman was sleeping at her home in Middleborough when she woke up to the sound of an intruder, according to a news release from the city’s Police Department. Then, she saw a man stealing things from her house, then she grabbed two kitchen knives and confronted him, her mother told reporters. The intruder dropped the items and fled, police said. But the teen recorded video of her vehicle and her license plate on her cell phone. “I took him out of the house. I scared him,” the young woman is heard saying in the audio recording of a 911 call that police released. “I took a video of her truck leaving, so I have her license plate number,” she adds. The teenager told CNN affiliate WCVB that it was a chilling moment. “I wasn’t thinking much, it was just a bit of an adrenaline rush,” she said. “I really didn’t know she had the ability to stay so calm under pressure,” the girl’s mother told CNN affiliate WBZ. She “she grabbed two kitchen knives and came back, and she stood outside the door and started yelling at him, ‘Get out of my house. Get out of my house. You don’t belong here.'” And she added: “I am blessed to have a daughter like her.” Massachusetts State Police captured a suspect, whom they identified as 58-year-old Joseph Ridge, shortly afterward, according to the news release. CNN was unable to determine if Ridge has an attorney. He was taken to the Middleborough Police Department, where he was charged with aggravated daytime trespassing, trespassing and disorderly conduct, according to the police department. “I would like to commend this young woman’s courageous actions,” Chief Joseph Perkins said in the department’s news release. “Even in the midst of an extremely terrifying event, her bravery helped us identify the man believed to be responsible for breaking into her home.” The girl was uninjured, according to the police department.