Israel: ‘Iron Dome’ intercepts rocket fire from Gaza Strip

The Israeli army’s missile defense system intercepted a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip on Monday, the Israeli army announced. This new shooting, which has not been claimed, comes after a series of attacks in Israel. A rocket fired Monday, April 18 at Israel from the Gaza Strip, Palestinian territory under the control of Islamists Hamas, was intercepted by the missile defense system, the Israeli army announced. “Sirens sounded in the area near the Gaza Strip. A rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory and was intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system,” the army said in a statement. According to a count of AFP, this is the first rocket fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israeli territory since the beginning of last January, which had given rise to Israeli retaliatory strikes on this micro territory of 2.3 million inhabitants. This new rocket attack has not been claimed but it comes after a series of attacks in Israel, two of which were perpetrated by Palestinians, “counter-terrorism” operations in the occupied West Bank, and a week -end of voltage on the es holy sites in Jerusalem.>> To (re) read: “Series of attacks in Israel: ‘Naftali Bennett’s security response is worrying'” More than 150 Palestinians injured at the Mosque Esplanade , Friday, during clashes with Israeli forces at the esplanade of the Mosques of Jerusalem, the third holiest site in Islam also considered the first holiest site in Judaism under its name of Temple Mount. And on Sunday, new clashes had broke out in and around this holy place that Jews had gone to visit, which was considered an affront by some Muslims. And young Palestinians were arrested the same day after throwing stones at Israeli civilian buses near the scene. Last year, clashes in Jerusalem during the same time of year led Hamas to launch salvoes of rockets from Gaza towards Israel, which had responded by bombarding this Palestinian territory, giving rise to a deadly 11-day war. With AFP