Types extraliga – draw: Vlci Žilina – MHk 32 Liptovský Mikuláš 1: 3 – ŠPORT.SK

today 18:34 | The hockey players of MHk 32 Liptovský Mikuláš won the second match of the playoffs in the Tipos extra league on the ice of Vlkov Žilina 3: 1 and equaled the state of the series to 1: 1 for matches. The third duel is scheduled for Thursday in St. Nicholas. Vlci Zilina – MHk 32 Liptovsky Mikulas 1: 3 (1: 1, 0: 1, 0: 1) Goals: 9. Macek (Petran, Skladaný) – 3. Kalousek (Cebák), 35. Mezovský, 56. Hovorka (Uhrík , Cebák). Judges: Smrek, Müllner – Hercog, Beniač, disqualification: 5: 6, power play: 0: 0, weakening: 0: 0, 3321 spectators. Squads Wolves Žilina: Škorvánek – Šidlík, Jansons, Sloboda, Petran, Hřebíček, Drtina – Petráš, Šmída, Safaralejev – Tibenský, Skladaný, Macek – Koyš, Markovič, Mikula – Vybiral, Linet, Cíger – Lopušan, Rehák MHk 32 Liptovský Mikuláš: Lietava – Ventelä, Cebák, Varttinen, Kurali, Mezovský, Pavúk – Šiksatdarov, Hovorka, Kriška – Paločko, Elo, Handlovský – Haluška, Walega, Uhrík – Ďuriš, Babka, Kalousek – Dunčko / series status: 1: 1 / Second duel of playoff the series was played in great intensity from the beginning and the teams did not give themselves a bit of space on the ice. The introduction was better for the guests, when the fourth attack took place in the 3rd minute. Cebák passed Kalousek and he hit the right thigh. Žilina came under pressure to eliminate Šiksatdarov, but it did not manage to settle until a few minutes later. After the bull, Petran leaned into the shot, Lietava struck, but it was already short for Macek to reach – 1: 1. In the further course, both teams performed dynamic hockey with a lot of chances. In the second period, the home players were more active, pushing the opponent into the defensive zone for a few minutes, but paradoxically they collected. The goalie Liptákov Lietava performed several excellent interventions in a row and Mezovský paid for him in the 35th minute, when he sent the guests into the lead for the second time with a backhand. In the third act, the people of Žilina tried to settle, but they could not find a recipe for Lietava. As time went on, sharp interventions also multiplied on the ice, and the duel was also shattered by fist fights. The Liptovs finally decided in the 56th minute, when Uhrík pushed Hovorka into the ramp and he adjusted it to 3: 1 with a backhand bluff. In the end, Žilina tried the game without a goalkeeper, but it did not dramatize the duel.