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“War is being prepared”, the cry of the parish priest of Gaza


“The situation is very bad, there are all the signs that a war is being prepared, there are fighting day and night without respite”. Father Gabriel Romanelli, an Argentine priest for 25 years in the Middle East, pastor of the Church of the Holy Family in Gaza, who, contacted by Adnkronos, gives a dramatic picture of war and destruction. Read also “Before the clashes were only at night – explains Father Romanelli – but these days the attacks are at night and during the day, people cannot go out, they also bomb the streets. massacre because the official numbers speak of 69 deaths and among these 17 children who do not belong to any faction or party and women. And there are 388 injured, including 115 children: it is really a massacre because behind every person there is a tragedy both on the Palestinian and Israeli sides. Behind every wounded, humiliated, dead there is hatred, a spirit of revenge on both sides “, he adds. The only thing that is needed at the moment is the” ceasefire. various parties – Father Romanelli looks reality in the face – do not want to put into practice. At this moment the most urgent action for the Middle East is the ceasefire, words must be translated into deeds. But there is no dialogue, everyone remains closed in its own position i “. Life in Gaza is hard and distressing:” We go out only for emergencies, which are spiritual, existential and material assistance but there is a lack of light, water and food that must be cooked to last a little more. All locked up. We were happy that a week ago they had lifted the lockdown but now we have fallen into a worse lockdown ”. And then, considers the parish priest of Gaza, the traumas should not be overlooked: “A single explosion can change a life. There are hundreds of explosions and physically speaking we think of the trauma that these unprecedented violence can generate in a child “. The parish priest of Gaza launches a heartfelt appeal to the authorities, to” people of good will for a ‘ceasefire’ in the knowledge that ” there is a lack of will on both sides and if no one does anything, it will continue with death and destruction ”. Will there ever be two states, Israel and Palestine as hoped for by the Pope? “If you want – observes the parish priest of Gaza – you can get there. It is not certain that war and injustice must be the reality. As war is made, people can make peace. It is true that it is easier to destroy than to build but we need a true justice for all, we must work for justice, reconciliation and forgiveness otherwise, if you go back only to the ancient arguments you will not get out of it. And may the grace of the Lord also serve “. Are there greater faults for this state of things?” This aspect – underlines the parish priest of Gaza – must be evaluated by those who have responsibility, in every situation there can be fifty-fifty responsibilities or maybe not, the responsibilities have those who have more power. Let’s go to the declaration of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem which speaks of a true peace founded on justice and we do not speak of strange things ”. Those who go in the opposite direction to these principles of justice, says Father Romanelli, are ”those who tell families who have lived in their lands for years to leave because they do not belong to them. It is scary to think that they have authority in their hands to erase life and rights “. The parish priest of Gaza points out three aspects from which to start:” Pray because prayer helps, then be close to this reality, try to understand and make reality known and the sufferings of all parties, not just one, with balance. Show closeness and help as a Catholic Church. There are many associations that help. Let’s not forget that here in Gaza there has been an embargo for over twelve years: it is a great prison that creates very great needs for the population ”.



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