• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Elections in Madrid, landslide victory for the PP: Ayuso can rule alone


May 5, 2021

Overwhelming victory for the People’s Party (PP) in the regional elections in Madrid, Spain, which allow outgoing governor Isabel Diaz Ayuso to lead the administration alone. In fact, the Pp won 65 of the 136 seats in the regional Parliament, as the Electoral Commission announced with 99.93 percent of the votes counted. It is almost double the results achieved by the party in 2019, when it won 30 seats. An alliance with Vox is therefore not necessary to govern. However, the right-wing party has already announced its support. “It is the beginning of the end” of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s government, “a new beginning”, Ayuso commented, telling his voters that “today freedom has won”. Sanchez’s Socialists lost 13 of the 37 seats they had in the Madrid region’s parliament, while three left-wing parties won only 58 seats in all, preventing them from forming a government.