• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Usa, Cheney removed from republican leadership: Trump rejoices and she counterattacks


May 12, 2021

As was widely expected, Republicans purged Liz Cheney, removing her from the party leadership for her harsh criticism of Donald Trump and his allegations of election fraud. And the former president immediately rejoiced at the move, which confirms that he holds the reins of the Republican party firmly in his hands. “Liz Cheney is a sour, hideous human being,” he wrote in a statement using offensive terms, as Trump is accustomed to do especially when he finds female political opponents. “I saw her yesterday and I realized how bad she was for the Republican party,” he added referring to the Republican’s speech in the courtroom, in which Cheney accused the party of remaining silent in the face of the former president’s “lies”. which risk “undermining democracy”. Finally, Trump accused the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney of lending herself to “a political agenda of the Democrats” aimed at distracting, with internal tensions within Republicans, from issues such as the economy and the situation at the border. Attack on Congresswoman Trump makes an explicit reference to her father, who was George Bush’s vice president and is historically linked to the clan and republican circles that in recent years have shown, more or less explicitly, their aversion to the tycoon. “She is a warmonger, whose family foolishly led us into the endless disaster of the Middle East – said Trump referring to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – draining our wealth and weakening our great army. The worst decision in the history of the country. our country”. Trump finally said he expects Cheney to become a “paid CNN commentator.” Today’s vote was done verbally during a closed-door meeting of Republican MPs, but The Hill sources report that the overwhelming majority voted to remove the deputy who only last February was easily confirmed to her position as number 3 in the party leadership. After having voted, along with 9 other Republican deputies, for Trump’s impeachment for the events of January 6, Cheney has become in recent weeks the target of an offensive conducted not only by the most loyal Trumpians, but by the majority of the deputies , and the party leaders, who accused her of not being able, for her criticisms of Trump, to lead the party to victory in the mid-term elections next year. In his last speech yesterday in the classroom as leader, Cheney – who in the next primaries will have to face the challenge in Wisconsin of a candidate supported by Trump – had not given in an inch, on the contrary she had gone on the attack: “Remaining silent and ignoring the lies strengthens the liar, I will not sit and watch in silence others who lead our party on the road to abandon the rule of law and join the crusade of the former president to undermine our democracy “. “Each of us has sworn to act to prevent our democracy from being undermined, it is not a question of the party, it is our duty as Americans,” said the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, who was highly regarded. rise within the Republican party until it led the small anti-Trump frond. In order not to be accused of removing the only woman in the leadership of the party, the Republicans in all probability today in place of Cheney will elect Elise Stefanik, a New York congressman and a great ally of Trump, as president of the conference. To Trump’s personal attack, Liz Cheney replied : “I will do everything possible to ensure that the former president never comes near the Oval Office again.” And he continued to urge his colleagues to “move forward on the basis of the truth” and not on the lies peddled by the former president. “We cannot support the big lie and the Constitution at the same time,” said the Republican, stating that “the nation needs a strong Republican party” and “based on conservative fundamentals.” Regarding today’s vote, Cheney said she did not feel “betrayed” by colleagues who removed her, saying this is “an indication of where the party is, in a position from which it must be brought back to conservative principles.” Then saying “worried” by Trump’s possible new presidential candidacy, and ready to do everything to stop him, the republican stressed: “We have seen the dangers she caused with her language”, referring to the events of January 6, ” its lack of commitment and dedication to the Constitution “. 100 REPUBLICANS THREATEN NEW PARTY Meanwhile, over 100 Republicans have joined an appeal for the renewal of the party, even threatening to form a new one if Donald Trump’s control is not released. According to NBC News, the appeal is contained in the letter, entitled ‘A call for american renewal’, an appeal for the renewal of America, which will be published tomorrow. In the letter, the American broadcaster reveals today, it is stated that Republicans must “re-present the image of a party dedicated to founding ideals or must hurry to create an alternative”. The appeal will include 13 principles to which the Republican party should remain faithful, according to the signatories of the letter. Among the animators of the new attempt to remove the Republican party from what so far appears to be the immovable Trumpian traction, there are former governors, such as Christine Todd Whitman, Tom Ridge, former members of Congress, and even a former official of the Trump administration, Miles Taylor, who, signing himself ‘Anonymous’, published in the New York Times in 2018 an article entitled “I am part of the resistance within the Trump administration.” “We will give the GOP the last chance to find itself and moderate the its course – he told the NBC – we are ready to fight against party extremists to try to distance them from the party and from our national politics, trying to invest in pro-democracy figures “. “When too much is too much, and the party has had enough time to decide to distance itself from a man who is a chronic underdog,” he concluded referring to Trump, without hesitating to foresee a real “civil war” within the country. party.