• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Sister Nabila in Gaza: “Terrible situation, damage to my school”


May 12, 2021

“The situation is terrible”. Sister Nabila Saleh, principal of the ‘Rosary Sisters School’ of Tel el-Hawa, in the center of the Gaza Strip, does not mince words to describe in an interview with Aki-Adnkronos International the dramatic hours she is living with two other sisters in the convent located inside the school. The same school, which is located “a few meters from a Hamas military post hit in a raid”, suffered damage to doors, walls and windows in the last bombing of the morning. And the solar panel system that powers it has also been “badly damaged”. Read also “We are between two fires, the situation is terrible and up until a few minutes around here the bombs were falling”, is the alarm cry of the nun who runs the largest private school in the Strip, attended by 1,150 students. The Israelis “bomb day and night, even now in the distance I hear the sound of explosions”, Sister Nabila continues on the phone, stressing that “I have not slept for three days”. The raids on the Palestinian enclave in the hands of Hamas are causing continuous blackouts and also in Tel el-Hawa there was no electricity for two hours. Instead, the nun explains that she has enough food in the convent because “before the bombing began, we bought enough for two weeks”. Sister Nabila, through the Adnkronos, launches an appeal for peace, recalling that as of yesterday there are already 45 dead. “I ask the Lord first and then the rulers of the whole world to work for peace, especially in the Holy Land and Gaza, where there is this situation every year” says the nun, whose last thoughts go to her students. “Some of our students have already experienced so many wars, how can they grow? It is time to say enough to hatred between Israel and the Palestinians. Peace is the best way for all parties. Pray for us”.