• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

The Italian from Tel Aviv under rockets: “Surprised by escalation, all night in the shelters”


May 12, 2021

She says she is ” surprised by such a rapid escalation ” and at the same time ” very worried ” Giordana Tagliacozzo Treves, president of the non-profit organization Yedidei Beit Italia who has lived in Tel Aviv since 2011. At the Adnkronos he tells of a sleepless night, the one just passed. A night characterized by the launch of rockets ” at a quarter to nine and then again at 3 am. We’ve been up all night waiting for the siren. ” Treves says that ” last night there were actually 130 missiles and we all went to the shelter. It is a very difficult feeling to explain to those who have not tried it. It looks like a movie but it’s all true, ” he explains to Adnkronos. ” And then there are the children that you have to try to calm down, ” he adds. ” The Israelis in the south have been living in a state of alert for a long time. On the other hand, there have been no alarms in Tel Aviv since 2014, ” he says. ” Such a rapid escalation surprised us ”, he continued, admitting that ” Israelis by birth are more used to it, even if no one gets used to a missile overhead. To me, who are ‘newer’, it makes even more impression. ” ‘Poor children, you have to reassure them’ ” You have to reassure the children when you go to the reinforced concrete rooms, the safe ones that some apartments have, but everyone – says Treves – When they are not there you have to go to public shelters. In Tel Aviv you have a minute and a half to go to the shelter, while in the cities near Gaza, on the border, you have seven seconds. Imagine the poor children on both sides who are afraid they won’t make it. They usually sleep in secure rooms, but it’s still not easy. Because you can hear all the noises. When they are intercepted you can hear the noise, even those that do not fall. And then for ten minutes you cannot leave the shelter because when they have been intercepted then pieces of missiles fall. It is dangerous because we are not staying where they will fall. ” ‘I hope that some agreement can be reached, a solution. Even if they told us we shouldn’t expect a quick thing, ” he concluded.