• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Covid, slight decline in infections and deaths in the world


May 12, 2021

The weekly number of new Covid-19 infections and deaths globally is slightly decreasing. In the last 7 days, according to the WHO update, over 5.5 million infections and over 90,000 Covid deaths have been recorded. The incidence, however, warns the UN health agency, “remains at the highest levels since the beginning of the pandemic”. If Europe continues its descent and records a -23% in the number of new weekly cases (919,119) and -18% in the number of deaths (19,056), the Southeast Asia region continues with an upward trajectory for 9 weeks and records a further 6% increase in infections last week. Read also Also in the last week surveyed (the data are updated to May 9) the incidence of deaths increased in Southeast Asia and in the western Pacific regions. And India continues to account for 95% of cases and 93% of reported deaths in the Southeast Asian region and globally account for half of the new infections and 30% of the deaths recorded in the world. But, reports the WHO, “worrying trends have also been observed” in “neighboring countries”. The 5 countries with the highest number of new cases are India (2,738,957 new cases; increase of 5%) , Brazil (423,438 new cases; trend similar to previous week), United States (334,784 new cases; 3% decrease), Turkey (166,733 new cases; 35% decrease) and Argentina (140,771 new cases; 8% decrease) ).