The most shocking videos of the week: from the assassination of the president of Haiti to the tornadoes caused by storm Elsa

(CNN Spanish) –– The assassination of the president of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, during an attack on his residence is the news of the week, while there is still a commotion at the national and international level. The country is under a state of siege and the police have begun to give clues about the suspects: they say that 26 Colombians are involved. Meanwhile, in Miami, the tragedy of the building that collapsed in Surfside reached the point where authorities no longer expect to find survivors, so the search went from rescue to recovery of bodies. What does this mean? And, right in the middle of operations, Elsa made landfall in Florida as a tropical storm, then spawned some tornadoes in the southern states.

Here are the most impressive videos of the week:

Murder of Moïse: video seems to show moments after the attack

A video released on social networks seems to show the moments after the assassination of the president of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse this Wednesday. However, CNN has not been able to verify the authenticity of the audio or video.

The event leaves a country in mourning and under a state of siege, in the midst of a context of political instability. Hence, the government took some measures to control the situation, as explained by Jessica Hasbun from Santo Domingo.

Haiti, in mourning after the assassination of the president 12:45

Meanwhile, authorities are making progress in investigating the murder. Haitian police noted that 26 of those suspected of being involved in the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse are Colombian. For his part, Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano said that those involved – in Colombia they only spoke of 6 – would be retired members of the Army and that instructions were given to collaborate in the investigation.

26 Colombians Among Suspects in Haiti, Police Say 5:13

Internationally, the murder of Moïse has sparked repudiation. One of the first reactions came from Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary. The official assured in an interview with CNN that the act is a “horrible crime” and that the US is willing to help Haiti.

Psaki expresses support for Haiti after Moïse’s assassination 0:40

For his part, the US State Department spokesman told a press conference that those who seek to achieve their political goals through violence and sabotaging the rule of law will not hinder Haitians in their desire for a better future.

USA condemns the assassination of Jovenel Moïse 1:47

But who was Jovenel Moïse? Here we tell you about the life of the businessman who became a controversial president and what his government was like.

The profile of Jovenel Moïse, killed during an attack 1:18

The demolition of the collapsed building in Miami and the images of ground zero

Authorities demolished, in a controlled manner, what was left of the building that collapsed in Miami. “Dust and silence reigned,” said Michael Roa, a correspondent at CNN en Español, about the way that moment was lived. Authorities asked neighbors to stay indoors because of the dust. With the demolition, rescuers were able to access areas that they had not had the opportunity to do so in order to recover the bodies of the victims.

Dust and desolation leaves the collapsed building demolition 3:37

As time passes, testimonies of witnesses and survivors of the collapse that already claimed dozens of lives are beginning to be heard, although there are still many missing. “Get down, that is going to collapse”, that is what Adriana Sarmiento, who saw the collapse, remembers saying to the people who were in the building. Sarmiento and her husband Roberto Castillero were on vacation in Miami and decided to go for a walk at night. It was then that they heard noises from a building and began to record with their cell phones. They saw the first large blocks fall on the roof of the parking lot and the neighbors turning on the lights on the balconies without understanding what had happened. She yelled at them to get down because the structure was going to fall. This is his story.

For her part, Ileana Monteagudo, who managed to survive the tragedy, expressed that she feels guilty for not knocking on the door of her neighbor, an elderly deaf woman who lived in the next apartment. Monteagudo thought that the woman was not there because she had not listened to the television at full volume from that place for several days, as usual. The survivor, who barely had time to save her own life, says she also feels sad. “God knows I’m not lying, he added.

She suffers for not having notified her neighbor of the collapse in Miami 1:53

“We have exhausted all options.” Those were the words with which the mayor of Miami-Dade, Daniella Levine Cava, announced this Wednesday that the search and rescue operation for the collapse of the Champlain Towers condominium was halted, to begin the recovery of bodies. According to the official, all the alternatives to find the victims alive under the rubble were finished.

Miami search moves from rescue to recovery 4:57

But what does it mean that the rescue phase in Miami ends and the recovery of bodies begins? We explain it to you.

What’s next for body recovery in Miami? 2:34

In addition, exactly two weeks into the partial collapse of the Champlain Towers condominiums in Surfside, Florida, authorities allowed a new controlled visit to the media. From the site of the collapse, Ana María Mejía describes the distribution of the place where the rescue teams have operated and have now gone on to recover corpses.

CNN returns to ground zero of the collapse in Miami 2:26

The force of tropical storm Elsa, in pictures

What does Tropical Storm Elsa look like from space? After passing through Cuba and while moving towards Florida, one of the astronauts on the International Space Station posted on Twitter these shocking images of Elsa taken from space.

Image of Tropical Storm Elsa from space

The storm made landfall in Florida, in the Big Bend area, and left thousands without power, according to the report by the state’s lieutenant governor.

Elsa makes landfall in Florida as a tropical storm 2:08

Tornadoes were also reported after Elsa passed in the United States to north Florida and southwestern Georgia.

They report several tornadoes after Elsa’s passage in the United States. 1:03

And days before, during its passage through the Dominican Republic, it left heavy downpours, thunderstorms and intense gusts. Elsa caused the death of at least two people in the country.

Effects of Elsa in the Dominican Republic 3:20

Wildfire destroys a town in Canada

A rapidly spreading wildfire forced more than 1,000 people to evacuate from Lytton, Canada, a day after the town broke the national record for the highest temperature ever seen in the country.

Wildfire destroys town in Canada 1:07

A tree falls on a baby’s crib

A video captured the shocking fall of a huge tree just above a baby’s crib in Prairieville, Louisiana. These are the images.

Video shows how a tree falls on a baby’s crib 0:52

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