VIDEO: Belluš’s foul angered Podkonický, Staňa and Rusnák also reacted –

KOŠICE. The sold-out Steel Arena was in absolute trance. The hockey players from Košice managed to get out of an extremely difficult situation. In the semifinal series with Slovan Bratislava, they lost 2: 3 to the matches and in the sixth duel they had to catch up with a two-goal manko. He prevailed in the fourth match in a row. In the basic part, the native of Žilina scored only three goals in 43 matches. “The playoff works wonders. I am very happy to be able to help the team with goals. We play one after the other and I believe that we will succeed in the 7th match in Bratislava. , “said Rogoň, who, together with goalkeeper Riečický, is an unexpected hero of Košice. Podkonický: It was a stupid foul. Hockey expert Rastislav Staňa commented that such short-lived situations were committed by Belluš several times during his time in Košice. Slovan coach Andrej Podkonický also commented on his short cut after the match: “We gave the opponent a power play with an incomprehensible to stupid foul. I tell Martin from the beginning to avoid such things. If we want to be a winning team, it can’t happen to us,” said Podkonický. “Such a thing, moreover, in such a match, it is unjustifiable. Slovan worked hard for 50 minutes and such a mistake completely negated it,” said Rusnák. he was aware of his mistake. The frustration of the offspring of Spišská Nová Ves was evident after the match. The moment from the match HC Košice – HC Slovan Bratislava. (Author: TASR – Milan Kapusta) He broke a hockey stick against the wall as he stepped off the ice in the stadium. He threw most of it towards journalists and cameramen who stood near the Slovan locker room. The captain of the “whites” Michal Sersen did not see Belluš’s foul. However, he commented on the performances of the referees, who have been under fire from critics since the beginning of the playoffs. “There were again some strange verdicts. We are all human. The third-round managed to equalize the Košice team, when the striker Marek Slovák finished a nice combination in the power play. “What Slovaks say about the performances of his teammate Patrik Rogoň, who is astonished by his shooting productivity in the semifinals?” You don’t have to play quasi-anything all season. that you kept a goal for the seventh match and we fight our way to the finals together, “said Slovák. Ceman praised Rogoň and the fans. “He plays an excellent series. He was excellent in both the fifth and sixth matches. He plays explicitly play off hockey. He goes to the area in front of the goal and scores so-called ugly goals. When he scored the first goal, we got back into the match, gained confidence and pulled the fans into the game. We then drew on their energy, “said the Canadian coach. The winning goal was scored by Allan McPherson in the 59th minute. I’m also lucky that the puck bounced towards me. The whole team played a great match. We are looking forward to the seventh match of the series, “said McPherson, who was also credited with the final technical goal when Slovan played without a goalkeeper. is scheduled for Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.