Presidential election 2022 LIVE: Macron and Le Pen prepare before Wednesday’s debate… – 20 Minutes

11:20 a.m.: “The presidential election is not worth a change of regime”, warns Emmanuel Macron, targeting Marine Le Pen’s projectEvolution of his political ideas, ecology, culture… In “Les Matins”, a France Culture program recorded on Friday, but broadcast on Monday morning, Emmanuel Macron shared thoughts less directly relevant to the news. Though. The president-candidate affirmed that “the presidential election is not worth regime change”, targeting the project of his rival, Marine Le Pen, to revise the Constitution by referendum. Reforming the Constitution by referendum “is not in accordance with the Constitution, which is a problem, underlined Emmanuel Macron. Others do it in other countries, it’s done very well in Hungary, it allows you to change a regime by hand, but I denounce it. “Since the referendums of 1962 and 1969, case law no longer makes it a priori possible to change the Constitution by a simple referendum via article 11. It is necessary to go through article 89, which implies that the constitutional revision must first be voted in identical terms by the Assembly and the Senate.