The 5 things you should know this April 18: Zelensky: “I don’t believe the world”

(CNN Spanish) — Pope Francis’ message on Ukraine. This Monday is the day to file the tax return in the US Why do some people not get infected with the new coronavirus? The biggest risk to the world economy that no one is talking about. This is what you need to know to start the day. Truth first. 1 Zelensky: “I don’t believe the world” Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said he finds it hard to believe in the reliability of “some countries or some leaders” after the escalation of the war in his country. CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Zelensky during an exclusive interview if he finds world leaders’ statements “empty” when they use the term “never again,” a slogan associated with the Holocaust and often uttered after crimes against humanity. humanity. Zelensky replied: “I don’t believe the world at all.” 2 A 12-year-old Ukrainian girl is recruited for Russia’s “information war” Before Russia’s war against Ukraine began, Kira Obedinsky was a cheerful 12-year-old girl Now orphaned, injured and alone in a Russian-controlled hospital in eastern Ukraine, she has become an unwitting pawn in Moscow’s information war.3 The reason some people don’t get covid-19 This remains one of the biggest mysteries in science: why are there people who don’t get infected with the new coronavirus? Scientists are trying to answer this question, and three studies could bring some clarity to this question.4 Kim Jong Un supervised New Tactical Guided Weapon Launched North Korean leader Kim Jong Un oversaw a test launch of a “new-type tactical guided weapon,” according to North Korean state media KCNA. the ma Biggest risk to the global economy that no one is talking about Nearly 400 million people in 45 Chinese cities are under full or partial lockdown as part of China’s strict “zero covid” policy. Together, they represent 40% of the annual Gross Domestic Product of the world’s second largest economy, according to data from Nomura Holdings. Analysts are sounding alarm bells, but say investors are not properly assessing the severity of the global economic fallout that could stem from these prolonged lockdown orders. ————– At coffee time He disappeared almost 3 years ago. Police found him shivering outside a gas station thousands of miles away. Authorities in Summit County, Utah, had been hearing about a young man wandering the area with a grocery cart for several weeks. When they found him last Saturday, they discovered that he had been reported missing nearly three years in Northern California, more than 1,000 miles away. Fatou, the oldest gorilla in the world, has just turned 65 Fatou, is a western lowland gorilla, therefore a native of some area of ​​Africa, who is believed to be the oldest in the world, has just turned 65 old at the Berlin Zoo. Fatou arrived in Germany in 1959 through what the zoo describes as “unusual circumstances”. Stranded dolphin dies on Texas beach after people tried to swim with and ride it, organization says A sick dolphin stranded on a Texas beach has died after beachgoers reportedly tried to push it back into the ocean. water so they can swim and ride on it, says the nonprofit Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network. Billie Eilish Says She ‘Shouldn’t Be’ Headlining Coachella (As She Headlines Festival) Billie Eilish took a moment during her Saturday performance at Coachella to thank her fans and express her disbelief at her own meteoric rise to Fame. This Monday is the day to file the tax return in the US. This is what you should know about this tax procedure It has undoubtedly been difficult to concentrate on the tax return this year due to the very high Inflation, the war in Ukraine and another increase in cases of covid-19, among other problems. Here we tell you what you should know. ———– The figure of the day 41% Florida rejects 41% of new math textbooks, citing critical race theory among its reasons. ————– Quote of the day “May there be peace for war-torn Ukraine” Pope Francis said on Sunday that the world is celebrating a “Passover of war” and called for peace in Ukraine, which he said has been drawn into a “meaningless and cruel war”. ————– Pick of the day Adidas and Allbirds launch sneakers with eucalyptus tree fiber and recycled material The collaboration that racing lovers have been waiting for is finally here: Adidas and Allbirds have teamed up to create a new shoe called Adizero Running that has a super low carbon footprint, the lowest of any brand to date. ————– And finally… Is it possible to tour together Backstreet Boys and NSYNC? Backstreet Boys are back! Nick Carter sits down with CNN entertainment journalist Lisa Respers France and discusses the possibility of a tour that fans have been waiting decades for. Is a joint Backstreet Boys and NSYNC tour possible? 1:51