Kate trusts her mother more than the babysitter, she wants to be a modern mom overall: What does that mean to her? – Najmama.sk

Does she manage to stick to this idea of ​​hers? Kate and William want to raise their children differently than they used to in the royal family. Kate wants to be a modern mom. In royal families, they rely on adherence to tradition. They follow strict etiquette rules and maintain the same upbringing as their ancestors. However, Kate and William try to get as close as possible to ordinary people, so in many ways they do things completely differently than previous generations. For example, Middleton has a commitment to being a good and modern mother for her children. There they visited several countries that are part of the Commonwealth. Because they had a demanding program, they had to leave their children at home in London. Duchess Kate Middleton was radiant all the time. She alternated one beautiful model after another and became the main star of fashion magazines. She enjoyed great popularity among the locals and was warmly welcomed everywhere. Well, even though she didn’t spare smiles and good spirits, it didn’t seem true. Royal family expert Katie Nicholl told Dailymail.co.uk that she said she was actually suffering internally. According to her, Kate was sorry for the children and they both missed them all the time. She missed the children in the past as well. She and her husband were on an official trip to Bhutan in 2016. Even then, Kate told reporters that she felt anxious for her children and they missed them very much. She had only two children at the time. Therefore, even now it was certainly difficult for her to leave the house. One of the reasons is that she wants to be a modern mother. Because of this, she would like to be with her children all the time and help them when they need it. At the same time, however, she must fulfill her official duties, which she will have over time as the wife of the future king. Until then, it was customary for children to always be supervised by one or more babysitters. The parents were thus able to go abroad to fulfill their duties arising from their position in the monarchy. However, Kate resisted because she wanted to give her children a sense of security so that they would always be close to someone who cared a lot about them. That’s why Kate asked her mother to look after Charlotte and George during their then official trip in 2016. Grandchildren often have very good relationships with their grandparents, and grandmothers are always a great substitute for their mothers. They will have more fun together and their grandmothers will allow them to do more. At the same time, they can rely on someone they have known for a long time and it makes it easier to separate them from their parents. Thanks to them, the monarchy is more “cool”. As a result, the popularity not only of the spouses but also of the entire monarchy is rising. According to Katie Nicholl, this is what makes them more and more cool and inspires other families. Their ordinary approach to life, choosing mainstream schools for their children, shopping for school supplies in the store or playing them together, and organizing trips show the whole family in a positive light. Thanks to him, Middleton and William have a closer relationship with their crumbs and it is very nice for many. See also more pictures of the royal family. Do you like the way Kate and William raise their children?