Sudden death: The chief inspector of Prešov County has died –

Nebohy was a cousin of the former politician, former Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Mikloš. He was also a forensic expert in the field of economics and management. From February 2020, he worked as the chief controller of Prešov County. Read more Her whole family has died: Janka helps others in MURNING. Is it possible to cope with the DEATH of a loved one? According to his acquaintances, the cause of death was a massive heart attack, which he received during a visit to his brother. His relatives and friends were hit by his death unexpectedly, he was not seriously ill. He was considered a fair and decent man, he always had a smile on his face, he was friendly to everyone. Mikloš also had business activities in Prešov. He co-owned the now defunct restaurant Tiffany, later opened another Double Tiffany plant. He currently owned a successful café in the Solivaria shopping center. In the past, he worked at VSŽ in Košice, and also worked as the financial director at 1. FC Košice from 1996 to 2002, ie when the club was owned by Alexander Rezeš. Read more Former Minister Mikloš SHOCK Slovakia and the whole world: CRUEL TRUTH about Putin and peace in Ukraine Everyone who knew him was struck by his death. “Miro, your departure was unexpected and hit us hard,” his friend Arthur Benes said on the social network. “What did you do to us, Mirka, brother? After Wednesday, we agreed on what kind of football we would go to next … We met in the High Tatras. You were the boss of the Smokovec Grand, I Spa. all the moments we have lived together since then have been beautiful, an incredible almost 20 years old. “accept my sincere condolences,” wrote Juraj Hudáč, a city deputy from Prešov. See also: Author: tim