Delta variant pushes infections in Europe: here are the red areas

The Delta variant of Covid pushes infections in Europe and the red areas are widening in the map of the ECDC, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, which serves as a guide for decisions on travel restrictions for many member countries of the ‘EU. While the WHO Europe warns: “This summer, if you want to travel, think carefully about the need” to leave. And “if you decide to do it, do it safely”. Meanwhile, France advises its citizens not to travel to the Iberian Peninsula. Read also THE RISK ZONES IN EUROPE In the weekly ECDC map on the incidence of cases, Italy remains all green, the color that denotes the lowest epidemiological risk for Covid-19. Even last week our country was all green, but this time Friuli-Venezia Giulia is marked in gray, a color that indicates the absence of available data. Compared to last week, the red areas in the Iberian Peninsula are widening: the whole of Portugal (apart from the Azores, orange, and Madeira, green) and a large part of Spain, including the Canary Islands, are now colored red (with the exception of Galicia and Castilla-La Mancha, which are in orange). Cipro is dark red, the color that indicates the highest epidemiological risk. In orange also a part of Greece, including the Cyclades, Crete and Rhodes, the Brussels region in Belgium, Luxembourg, a large part of Holland, all of Ireland, a part of Sweden and Norway, a strip of Denmark and Finland. The rest is in green. WHO EUROPE According to the WHO forecast, contained in the weekly report on the progress of Covid-19, in the European Region of the World Health Organization the Delta variant will be responsible for “90% of new coronavirus infections by the end of August” . Hence the warning: “This summer, if you want to travel, think carefully about the need” to leave. And “if you decide to do it, do it safely”. Thus warns WHO Europe via Twitter. On the social network, the European arm of the World Health Organization launches the hashtag “SummerSense” and publishes an infographic: “This summer – we read – carefully evaluate the need to travel. Traveling is not without risk”. FRANCE: NO HOLIDAYS IN SPAIN AND PORTUGAL The French “avoid” holidays in Spain and Portugal as a preventive measure to protect themselves from contagion from the coronavirus, in particular from the Delta variant. European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune said in an interview with France 2. ” Those who have not already booked their holidays, avoid Spain and Portugal ”, said the minister, speaking of a measure of ” prudence, it is a recommendation on which I insist. Better to go to France or another country, but we have a particularly worrying situation, especially in Portugal ”. “We are monitoring in particular the situation in countries where the epidemic spreads very quickly: Portugal, Spain – Catalonia in particular, where many French go to party, for the holidays – be careful and very careful ”, he said. added.

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