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[VIDEO] Presidential: why Anne-Sophie Lapix will be excluded from the televised debate on April 20? – Free lunch


Who will be the arbiters of the debate between the two rounds of the presidential election? If the names of the two presenters are not officially known for the time being, the journalist from France Télévision Anne-Sophie Lapix should not be on set on April 20. We explain why. Who will succeed Christophe Jakubyszyn and Nathalie Saint-Cricq, arbiters of the 2017 debate? According to information from our colleagues from Parisian, Léa Salamé and Gilles Bouleau would hold the rope to animate the debate of this between-two rounds. As a reminder, TF1 and France 2 are responsible for its organization and must jointly offer a duo of presenters who are both equal and have equivalent profiles. Guest of the CNEWS program, “L’heure des pros”, the acting president of the National Rally Jordan Bardella returned to the organization of the event. “Proposals are made by the two channels which organize the debate. And then, by mutual agreement with the teams of the candidates, that is to say Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, we negotiate its organization.” Asked about the personalities his candidate does not want, Jordan Bardella indicated that “Marine Le Pen does not want Anne-Sophie Lapix to lead the debate” because of the supposed “bias” of the journalist France Television. “I respect her as a journalist, continued Jordan Bardella. But she can’t hide her hostility towards Marine Le Pen each time she receives her.” Between the two women, the animosity goes back more than eight years. At the time at the head of the program “Dimanche +”, Anne-Sophie Lapix had repeatedly corrected the quantified assertions of Marine Le Pen. For the youngest, 8 years ago Anne-Sophie Lapix hosted Sunday + which was and will remain the best political program ever produced in France. Lots of channels wanted to imitate him, but Lapix is ​​clearly the best journalist on the subject. Here she corrects Le Pen \u2b07\ufe0f— Chloé Delcourt (dég) (@liamapi) November 27, 2020 For Jordan Bardella, this conflict is not the the only reason for the exclusion of Anne-Sophie Lapix from the debate between the two rounds. “Even Emmanuel Macron does not want her to take the debate.” According to information from Télérama relayed by Europe 1, “the President would not appreciate the work of this presenter”.


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