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Russian soldiers rape women en masse, many of them drugged and drunk. They talk about Ukrainians as Nazi prostitutes –


Although the Russians withdrew from northern Ukraine, they left behind ruined lives and people who never had to recover from the trauma they experienced. The BBC news server listened to the testimonies of the survivors and recorded the evidence of Ukrainian women raped by the occupying soldiers. In a quiet, rural area 70 kilometers west of Kiev, the BBC spoke to 50-year-old Anna, who acts under a pseudonym for privacy reasons. She was at home with her husband on Monday, March 7, when soldiers broke in. “He aimed a gun at me and took me to a nearby house. He told me, ‘Get undressed or I’ll shoot you. He kept threatening to kill me if I didn’t do what he said. Then he started raping me,” she said. According to Anna, the attacker was a young, poor fighter from Chechnya, which is part of Russia. “While he was raping me, four more soldiers came in. I thought I was done. But they took him away. I never saw him again,” she said. She believes she was rescued by another unit of Russian soldiers. Anna returned home and found her husband. They shot him in the stomach. “He tried to run after me and save me, but he was hit by bullets,” Anna said. They both sought refuge in a neighboring house, but could not take their husband to the hospital due to fighting. He succumbed to his injuries two days later. Anna didn’t stop crying the whole time she told her story. She showed reporters in the yard where she and her husband were buried. At the head of his grave is a tall wooden cross. Anna is in contact with a local hospital and receives psychological help. The soldiers who rescued her remained in her house for several days. Anna said they had aimed their weapons at her and told her to give them her husband’s things. “When they left, I found drugs and Viagra. They were fetishized and often drunk. Most of them are killers, rapists and thieves. Only a few of them are fine,” she added. Just a few houses down the same street, reporters heard another chilling story. One woman was allegedly raped and killed. According to neighbors, the culprit is the same man who raped Anna. The woman was about 40 years old. According to neighbors, he took her out of her house and kept her in the bedroom of a nearby house, whose inhabitants were evacuated at the beginning of the war. A nicely decorated room with ornate wallpaper and a gold-topped bed turned into a scary crime scene. There are large bloodstains on both the mattress and the blanket. The Russians set the house on fire In the corner of the room is a mirror with a lipstick written on it – apparently describing where the victim was buried. According to Oksana’s neighbor, he was left there by Russian soldiers who found and buried the woman’s body. “They told me she was raped and that she had either a severed or pierced throat and was bleeding. They said there was a lot of blood,” Oksana said. The woman was buried in a grave in the garden of the house. The police lifted her body from the grave the day after the reporters’ visit to investigate the case. The murdered woman was not wearing clothes, but she had a deep, long cut on her neck. Another case police are investigating in a village 50 kilometers west of Kiev, said the chief of police in the Kiev region Andriy Nebytov. According to him, a family of three, a couple in their thirties and their small child lived in a house on the outskirts of the village. “On March 9, several Russian soldiers entered the house. The husband tried to protect his wife and child. So he was shot in the yard,” Nebytov said. “Two soldiers subsequently raped his wife repeatedly. They always left, but then they returned. They returned three times to rape her. They threatened to hurt her little boy if she resisted. She did not want to protect her child,” he added. . As they left, the soldiers set fire to the family house and shot their dogs. The woman and her son ran away and contacted the police. According to Nebytov, the police met her and recorded the statement. They tried to obtain evidence in the family house, but only bare walls remained. Only a few reminders of the previous peaceful life are lying in the ruined ruins – a children’s wheel, a horse toy, a dog leash and a men’s winter boot lined with fur. The neighbors buried their neighbors in the garden. Police have exhumed his body for inspection, and they plan to take the case to an international court. Pregnant women and girls Ukrainian Ombudsman Ljudmyla Denisova said she had several similar cases. “About 25 girls and women aged 14 to 24 were systematically raped during the occupation in the basement of a house in Buč. Nine of them are pregnant,” she said. “Russian soldiers have told them that they will rape them until they never want to have sex with any men again. They will prevent them from having Ukrainian children,” the ombudswoman said. With information, people confide in them either on the helpline or via the Telegram social network. “A 25-year-old woman called us to say that her 16-year-old sister was raped right in front of her on the street. They shouted that this would happen to every Nazi prostitute.” Is it possible to assess at all the extent of the sexual crimes committed by Russian soldiers during the occupation? he asks the BBC. “This is not possible at the moment because not everyone is willing to share what has happened to them. Most of them are calling for psychological help at the moment, so until they give us testimony, we cannot record it as a crime,” Denisova explained. According to her, Ukraine wants the UN to set up a special tribunal to personally try Vladimir Putin on charges of war crimes, including rape. “I want to ask Putin why this is happening,” says Anna. “I don’t understand. We don’t live in the Middle Ages, why can’t he negotiate? Why does he occupy and kill?” the woman asks.


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