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Did they offer you a job? There is more to negotiate than salary


Biden celebrates the recovery of US jobs 3:51 (CNN Business) — Millions of people are quitting their jobs and finding new ones in what has been called the Great Resignation. In February, there were more than 11 million job openings, according to the Labor Department, and the unemployment rate fell to 3.6% in March, a new low in the pandemic era. If you are looking for a job, you have an advantage. And if you’ve received a job offer, now is the time to negotiate. While salary tends to be the main point of negotiation, it’s not the end of the conversation. There are other benefits and advantages that can also be flexible. Say nothing about salary until the time is right Recruiters often ask for a salary figure early in the hiring process. “Don’t pigeonhole yourself,” says Alexandra Dickinson, career and negotiation coach and founder of Ask For It. “You want to talk about money when they want you, they need you, they have to have you … they’ll find it for you.” . And if a recruiter asks you for your current salary, he advises against giving it. “You never have to give it. You don’t want to be paid based on what you did before, you want to be paid based on the skill set you bring to the current role in the market you’re in now.” Some state and local laws prohibit employers from asking candidates about their salary history. The right time to raise salary is at the end of the process, after you have received an offer. Meet the countries with the best minimum wage in America 0:45″You never start negotiating in the middle of an interview,” says Victoria Medvec, author of “Negotiate Without Fear” and executive director of the Center for Executive Women at the Kellogg School of Management from Northwestern University. “You don’t negotiate before they’ve said, ‘We want to hire you.'” The key is to have a well-studied salary figure, which Dickinson said should be “high, but not over the top.” Websites like Glassdoor, PayScale, and LinkedIn can help you get a sense of what people with similar roles, experience levels, and markets are earning. Once you have a consensus on what is a reasonable amount, Dickinson advises coming up with three different numbers: what you want, what you want, and what would make you turn down the job. “The desire is a high, specific number to start with; what you want is the real goal, which is a little lower; and what you don’t want is the point where the deal is no longer good for you; you have to set it up beforehand,” he said. Pinpoint bonuses If an annual bonus is part of your compensation package, be sure to look at the percentage and whether it’s prorated based on when you joined the company, suggested Tessa White, CEO of The Job Doctor. “Companies have ranges for bonuses and most people don’t look at that,” White said. If a company prorates your bonus, it can cost you money. “A big mistake people make is not making sure they negotiate that their bonus isn’t prorated that first year so they don’t lose money,” White said. Companies offer incentives to attract employees 0:58And if the offer does not include a bonus, you can try to negotiate one, but ask for a specific plan. White says find out what’s considered exceeding expectations in the position you’re interviewing for, and then come up with a bonus in the counter offer that says if you do XYZ, then you’ll get an X bonus. “To Employers they love when they can give to get something in return. What they don’t like is trading for trading’s sake,” White said. “Understanding what a profit is for them is essential in the bond conversation.” Work where you want Working from home may mean more comfortable clothes and taking the morning call during a nice walk, but that’s not how you ask for a flexible schedule. When you ask to work remotely permanently or a few days a week, experts advise showing how it will benefit the company. And to quell any concerns, White recommends suggesting regular reviews to adjust the deal as needed and review productivity metrics. This is how the pandemic and telecommuting impact business 1:33 “Any time you frame something you’re asking for as an experiment, you’re going to have a lot more luck than if they think it’s something permanent.” What’s in a title? A lot Negotiating a degree can be beneficial to you financially as your career progresses. “Anytime you can move up the title ladder, the salary goes up,” White said. “So if you get a higher title, even if the company doesn’t pay you more, when you compare that title and move on to the next job, your salary comparables are higher. You’ve created the illusion of a higher paying job.” Professional development Training and other professional development can also further your long-term career goals, and can form part of your negotiations. White suggests asking for a set amount of money each year for professional development activities, like classes or conferences. Do you have an offer? Spread the word If you get an offer while you’re still interviewing with other companies, let other employers know. “Your greatest source of power is your sense of alternatives,” says Medvec. He suggests that you contact the other hiring managers and let them know that you have an offer, but that you’re really interested in the position and don’t want to move forward without first checking with them. “Express a high degree of interest and enthusiasm for the position,” he says, but avoid fully committing to accept an offer, if one is made. “People like to hire someone someone else wants to hire,” he said. “There’s this inferred value when other people want to hire you that you’re a good candidate.” — Editor’s note: This note was originally published in July 2021, but was updated in April 2022.


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