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Presidential 2022: “I will vote for Emmanuel Macron” who is “the only one in a position to act”, announces former President Nicolas Sarkozy


Find here all of our live #PRESIDENTIELLE10h08: “The importance of the decisions to come forces me to leave my reserve to clearly indicate what my vote will be”, writes Nicolas Sakozy in his press release posted on his Facebook page, stating that Emmanuel Macron “has the necessary experience to deal with a serious international crisis that is more complex than ever”. He also underlines that the outgoing president “puts the valorization of work at the center of all his priorities”. 9:56 a.m .: Jean-François Copé says he is “sorry” that his party “is unable to assume a position of total opposition with Le Pen”. The mayor of Meaux and former president of the UMP criticizes his political family for not clearly calling for a second round vote for Emmanuel Macron in order to block the RN. 9:35 a.m.: For all French people. #MarinePrésidente “. It is a “nod to the official photo” of the current President of the Republic, a close friend of the candidate told AFP. 9:17 am: Let’s take stock of the news: Second day of the campaign between two rounds for Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. On France Inter, the president of the RN denounced a “treason” by Jean-Luc Mélenchon towards his voters when he called on them on Sunday evening to “not [lui] give a single voice”. For his part, Gérald Darmanin defended Emmanuel Macron’s concession made last night on the pension reform. “That’s called listening”, underlined the Minister of the Interior. Follow our live. Russian forces maintain their pressure on the strategic port city of Mariupol, which Ukrainian soldiers are desperately trying to defend.The Russians have been besieging and bombarding this strategic city for weeks, the capture of which would allow them to consolidate their territorial gains on the coastal strip along the along the Sea of ​​Azov by connecting the regions of Donbass to the Crimean peninsula, annexed by Moscow in 2014. Six Russian agents operating in France “under diplomatic cover” were “declared persona non grata” on the territory. follows “a very long investigation” by the DGSI which brought to light “a clandestine operation carried out by the Russian intelligence services” on French soil, specified the min istère of Foreign Affairs in its press release. The Israeli police this morning shot dead a Palestinian who had just stabbed a policeman in the coastal city of Ashkelon (south), said the forces of order08h59: “We cannot say that , socially, the situation has improved”, during Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term, responds Marine Le Pen (@MLP_officiel) to a listener #le79Inter #Presidentielle2022 #Elysee2022 On France Inter, Marine Le Pen assures that VSEs and SMEs “have not stopped complaining, saying that Emmanuel Macron has only created devices that have benefited large groups”. “It is those who did not need to be helped who in reality were”, adds the leader of the National Rally. 8:52 am: For Gérald Darmanin, Eric Zemmour “played the useful idiots” for of Marine Le Pen by being more radical than her, while the candidate of the National Rally “tries”, according to him, “to erase her roughness.” 8:50 am: Guest of franceinfo, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, affirms that “Marine Le Pen does not say how she will recover money” and that her program “is a shameless lie which will lead the country, and especially small savers, to ruin.” 8:42 am: For Marine Le Pen, “the veil is an Islamist uniform, it is not a Muslim uniform. It is the uniform of an ideology, not the uniform of a religion”, assures the candidate of the RN on France Inter. She wants to ban the wearing of the veil in the street. virtual than Sunday facing a real Emmanuel Macron. He thought more of him than of the French” #le79Inter #Elysee2022 “Jean-Luc Mélenchon was closer to Emmanuel Macron on Sunday evening than it was five years ago.” Guest of the France Inter morning show this morning, Marine Le Pen believes that “Jean-Luc Mélenchon thought more of himself than of the French, thought more of his elected officials than of the voters”, calling not to vote for her on Sunday. evening. “He is already in the legislative elections,” said the RN candidate. “It’s a betrayal on his part,” she says. 8:23 a.m .: For Julien Odoul, spokesman for the RN, Emmanuel Macron “reacts like a shopkeeper” by evoking the possibility of “opening the door” to a postponement of the retirement age to 64, instead of 65 years as he proposed until then. “He can see that this measure is scary today”, analyzes the support of Marine Le Pen. of the Republicans in 2017. Our journalist, Noé Baudoin, explains to you who the right-wing voters turned to this year.
07:51: Guest of “4 Truths” on France 2, Jordan Bardella addresses the voters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon: “Are they going to vote for a candidate who proposes retirement at 65? (…) Who swept the citizens’ initiative referendum? With Marine Le Pen, there will be no fakes”, assures the president of the RN. reverse of everything. He notes that the outgoing president is moderating “his argument” on retirement at 65 “as the second round approaches”. and that the candidates were already “in the field yesterday”: the first in Denain (Nord), where her rival came first in the first round, the second in Yonne, where she spoke a lot about the power of ‘purchase.
7:22 a.m .: “Nerves on edge” headlines Sud Ouest, which emphasizes that “political forces digest defeat in pain”. The daily notes that Emmanuel Macron came first in the Bordeaux conurbation, followed by Jean-Luc Mélenchon.
07:14: On the side of the regional dailies, L’Est Républicain quotes in one the PS mayor of Nancy, Mathieu Klein, who believes that the Socialist Party “is dead”. “This failure is a collective failure,” he added, moved.
07:09: For Le Parisien, the abstainers and the voters of Mélenchon will be “the arbiters of the second round”. The daily also looks at the “SOS” launched yesterday by Valérie Pécresse. The Republican candidate has made a “call for donations” for the financial “survival” of the Republicans. “with a reserve of votes for the far right and an outcome that promises to be tighter”.
06:47: It’s time for the press review! Liberation makes its front page on Emmanuel Macron’s campaign between the two rounds, which began yesterday in Denain (North), with a “strategy to conquer the left-wing electorate”. news: Emmanuel Macron said he was ready last night, on the first day of the second round campaign, to “open the door” to a postponement of the starting age to 64, rather than 65 like this figure in its program, “if there is too much tension” and that it can “build a consensus”. “I am ready to move the relationship to time and say that we do not necessarily make a reform until 2030 if I feel too much anxiety among people”, he declared in particular. For his part, Marine Le Pen, who says he has been learning for five years, must speak to the media first in the morning on France Inter this morning and then in the evening, at “8 p.m.” on TF1. The RN candidate, who defends the maintenance of retirement at 62, wants to initiate a profound reform of the institutions, if she is elected president on April 24, by resorting in particular to the referendum and by registering the “national priority” in the fundamental law . This principle will allow “only the French” to access certain social benefits, as detailed in its program. Russian forces maintain their pressure on the strategic port city of Mariupol, which Ukrainian soldiers are desperately trying to defend, and in the east from Ukraine, where kyiv expects a major offensive shortly. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accuses Russia of having used chemical weapons in this city. The United Kingdom is trying to verify this information. Nicolas Zepeda, who stubbornly denies having murdered his Japanese ex-girlfriend Narumi Kurosaki, will be fixed today on his fate, the day after the requisitions of the general counsel who demanded imprisonment life sentence against him. Also read Related topics


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