North Korea, Kim lost weight but has no health problems

Kim Jong Un has lost weight, losing up to 20 kilos, but he would have no health problems. The North Korean leader would not suffer from major health problems, despite his obvious weight loss. This is assured by the Seoul intelligence services, which have been monitoring the conditions of the North Korean leader since he reappeared in public in June visibly thinner. The South Korean intelligence service, Nis, informed parliamentarians that “if there was any anomaly from the point of view of his health, there would be signs of deliveries of medicines to the clinic in charge of monitoring his health, but they were not detected. “, explained the parliamentarian Kim Byung Kee. In addition, Kim still participates and conducts meetings” that last hours “and there are no irregularities in his way of walking. According to South Korean intelligence, Kim would have lost up to twenty kilograms.

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