The 5 things you should know this July 8: What’s next for Haiti after the infamous assassination of its president

Elsa continues her journey after making landfall in Florida. Lifeguards in Miami resist wind, sun and heat on 12-hour shifts. How to know if you are ‘addicted’ to the cell phone (and 12 ways to combat the problem). This is what you need to know to start the day. Truth first.


The infamous assassination of the president of Haiti

The murder of President Jovenel Moïse – who was attacked at his home early Wednesday morning – stunned Haiti and shocked regional leaders. The interim prime minister declared a “state of siege.” The Caribbean nation of approximately 11 million people, many of whom live in the midst of poverty and increasing violence, now faces an even more uncertain future.


Elsa’s trajectory after making landfall in Florida

The Tropical Storm Elsa struck parts of the southeast with suspected tornadoes as he continued on his way to New York. Elsa is expected to maintain the strength of the tropical storm as it moves towards the Mid-Atlantic states before returning to the open sea on Friday morning.

Elsa makes landfall in Florida as a tropical storm 2:08


Lifeguards in Miami resist wind, lightning and heat in 12-hour shifts

Despite long working hours, bad weather, imminent danger, and even losses in their own community, first responders remain at the foot of the canyon after the collapse in Miami. They work 12-hour shifts and many don’t go home at the end of the dayInstead, they sleep in tents to keep their focus on the task at hand.

What’s next in the body recovery phase in Miami? 2:34


One variant, many approaches to mask use

The more transmissible and possibly more dangerous variant of covid-19 delta is of concern around the world, and has forced some countries to impose more severe restrictions. However, from the United States to Great Britain, via Israel, Nations are adopting different strategies regarding the use of masks.

Biden warns unvaccinated about delta variant 1:51


Pressure mounts for US to lift covid-19 restrictions at borders

A group of mayors recently lobbied Joe Biden’s administration immigration officials to lift covid-19-related cross-border travel restrictions, which were imposed during Trump’s tenure. The restrictions remain in place and threaten to further damage their local economies. When asked why the trips are not resumed, officials did not have an answer.

Mayors call for more flexible measures on the US land border. 0:46

At coffee time

How to know if you are ‘addicted’ to the cell phone (and 12 ways to fight it)

Smartphones have become essential, but fixation on everything they offer us can be problematic. If you find it difficult to look up from your cell phone, here are 12 tips to regain control over your behavior, from setting time limits on use to turning off notifications.

Does the night mode of your cell phone work? We tell you 0:47

Did the confinement leave you with stage fright? Experts advise you on how to speak in front of the public

The fear of public speaking is one of the main phobias worldwide. As restrictions from the pandemic relax and many virtual meetings may come to an end, you may start to fear speaking to a crowd again. CNN spoke to four public speaking experts and these are their tips.

TikTok inexplicably made Noah Beck famous. Now she wants to get into haute couture

Noah Beck, the 20-year-old TikTok star with nearly 30 million followers, made his first videos improvising late at night in his bedroom about a year and a half ago. Now he has other plans.

Travel without a visa: the most powerful passports in 2021

A new publication of the Henley Passport Index reveals what are the most powerful passports in the world, depending on the number of destinations they enable without the need for a visa.

The most powerful passports in the world in 2021 0:58

Microsoft releases an urgent security warning

Microsoft is urging Windows users to immediately install an update on their computers after Security researchers will find a serious vulnerability in the operating system.

Microsoft asks to update your PC immediately: why? 0:51

The number of the day

75 years

The ex-president Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter celebrate 75 years of marriage, a union that spans decades of public service from rural Georgia to the White House and beyond.

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary 0:59

Quote of the day

“We went from one epidemic to another. We went from covid to the epidemic of gun violence, and the fear and death that come with it.”

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, signed a decree declaring firearm violence an emergency and addressed the situation in the state, where only on the weekend of July 4 there were more than 50 victims of shootings.

More than 400 shootings during the US holiday weekend. 1:00

Day selection

There is auction of books on Amazon and here we leave you the best offers

‘Batman’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and even the ‘Gilmore Girls’ are part of the discounts on books from Amazon Mexico.

And to finish…

A seal surprises a boater and takes a ride in his boat

A seal climbed aboard a 28-foot sailing regatta in Sweden. Andre Baetz was surprised to see the seal very relaxed in his boat. The full story of the animal that took an unusual walk, in the video.

A seal surprises a sailor in his boat 1:14

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