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Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office begins new preliminary proceedings against Keiko Fujimori and his party for alleged money laundering in the 2021 campaign


(CNN Spanish) – Prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, of the Lava Jato Special Team that investigates whether or not Keiko Fujimori incurred in money laundering through alleged illegal contributions to his presidential campaigns in 2011 and 2016, began “preliminary proceedings” for the investigation of the alleged commission of the same crime during the 2021 campaign.

The fiscal folder includes the audios released by former congressman and former minister Fernando Olivera Vega in which, according to the former congressman, former presidential adviser Vladimiro Montesinos communicates from a military prison with several people to coordinate contact with magistrates of the National Elections Jury and supposedly influence the outcome of the decisions on the second round held on June 6.

Vladimiro Montesinos, former adviser to former President Alberto Fujimori, in a 2001 file image (Credit: Jaime Razuri / AFP / Getty Images)

The thesis of the authorities is that the activity attributed to the Fujimori party has not ceased and that, according to a source from the Prosecutor’s Office told CNN, this new investigation adds to the process that is already underway and for whose charges the The Public Ministry requires a 30-year prison sentence against Keiko Fujimori and other figures linked to the Fuerza Popular party.

The prosecutor’s brief in the case indicates the term of these preliminary proceedings at 36 months and requires, among other measures, that the Financial Intelligence Unit collect information on suspicious transactions of those investigated.

Fujimori accuses the prosecutor of “obsession and desire for figuration”

Upon learning of this information, Fujimori announced on Twitter that he will request the exclusion of prosecutor José Domingo Pérez from the cases under investigation, as he accuses the magistrate of “obsession and desire to appear.” She assures that the prosecutor involves her for conversations that, she considers, are not related to her, referring to the audios in which Montesinos allegedly tries to favor her.

In addition, he points out these measures as an attempt to cover up another case to favor his opponents.

CNN is trying to reach the prosecutor to find out how he responds to Fujimori.

José Domingo Pérez has requested four times, throughout these years, measures to restrict the freedom of Keiko Fujimori and others under investigation, with the result of a preliminary arrest and two periods of preventive detention for Fujimori. The last request was rejected by the judge shortly after the second electoral round.

Both Keiko Fujimori and her contender in the presidential campaign, Pedro Castillo, are awaiting the decision of the National Elections Jury, which must proclaim the winner of the process after having resolved all the nullity processes and observations raised by Fuerza Popular .



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