Joe Biden to discuss efforts to get more Americans vaccinated after failing to meet the July 4 goals

(CNN) – President Joe Biden will participate in a meeting with his covid-19 response team on Tuesday and will then deliver a speech on his administration’s efforts to get more Americans vaccinated against covid-19, after the United States failed to achieve your July 4 vaccination goals.

Biden won’t announce any new strategy on Tuesday, but will talk about five key areas his covid-19 team is focusing on: door-to-door disclosure to inform Americans about vaccines; a renewed emphasis on getting vaccines to more primary care physicians and other healthcare providers; intensifying efforts to get vaccines to pediatricians and other providers who care for the very young; and making vaccines accessible to workers by establishing on-the-job vaccination clinics, obtaining paid time off for employees and expanding mobile clinic efforts, according to a White House official.

After the team briefs the president on the COVID-19 response, Biden will speak to the American people about the strong progress the country has made in recovery due to its robust vaccination campaign. He will also address the importance of all eligible Americans getting vaccinated, especially as the delta variant continues to grow among unvaccinated people across the country, “the official said.

US President Joe Biden.

He added, “It will also highlight how the Administration will continue its efforts to work with governors, local leaders, and across the public and private sector to get more Americans vaccinated, making vaccines available in more care settings. medical, and respond to critical points. “

Slightly more than 67% of American adults have been vaccinated at least once against COVID-19 and more than 157 million Americans are fully vaccinated as of this Tuesday, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Biden’s goal was for 70% of Americans to have at least one vaccine and for 160 million Americans to be fully vaccinated by July 4.

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