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Russian law on champagne labeling: France will act “in the days to come”


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After the adoption by Russia of a new law reserving only to Russian producers the right to display only the name “champagne” on their bottles, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, announced Tuesday that the France was going to act “in the coming days”.

France will act “in the coming days” with Russia after the latter has adopted new legislation requiring French champagne producers to include the words “sparkling wine” on the back label of their bottles. , announced Tuesday, July 6, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian.

In the event of a violation of World Trade Organization (WTO) rules by Russia, France, which has not yet fully examined the new Russian law, could take legal action against Moscow, the minister added during questions. to the government in the National Assembly.

“Defending the interests of our producers and our geographical indications”

“As soon as we have taken into consideration all the constraints (that Russian law) represents, we will act in the coming days with the Russian authorities, in bilateral relations but also in relation to the European level, to defend the interests of our producers, and especially the interests of our geographical indications, “said Jean-Yves Le Drian, judging that this text” explicitly “targeted French products within the framework of” a logic of protectionist measures in the Russian wine sector ” .

“If by any chance there are proven violations of the rules of the World Trade Organization, (…) we will continue (…). I hope that the dialogue will make it possible to resolve these difficulties,” he said. -he adds.

The Interprofessional Committee for Champagne Wine rose up on Monday against this new law adopted in Moscow, which reserves only to Russian producers the right to display only the name “champagne” on their bottles, while the French production of champagne is supposed be protected by an AOC appellation.

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