Covid, Australia cancels Formula 1 and MotoGp Grand Prix

The Australian authorities have decided to cancel the Formula 1 and MotoGP Grand Prix for the second consecutive year due to Covid-19. This was decided by the Victorian government in Australia. “It is very disappointing that these beloved events cannot continue, but this is the reality of the pandemic. As long as we do not have much higher vaccination rates we cannot return to normal situations,” said Victoria’s Minister of Sport Martin Pakula. in announcing the cancellation. Victoria’s state premier Daniel Andrews confirmed the cancellation of the events stating that their organization is “very demanding” given Australia’s low vaccination rate and restrictions on international travel. ” Although we are disappointed with the inability to race in Australia. this season, we are confident that we can offer another 23 races in 2021 and have a number of options to pursue to replace the Australian Grand Prix. We will work on these options in the coming weeks and will provide further updates once we complete the discussions, ” reads a note released by the organizers of Formula 1.

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