Presidential election of 2022: tenors of the right and the center call for a primary

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While Xavier Bertrand took a head start in the polls, three potential right-wing candidates for the presidential election – Valérie Pécresse, Laurent Wauquiez and Bruno Retailleau – signed on Monday a joint forum to claim a primary “as soon as possible “.

Will the right and the center return to the 2016 financial year? Several personalities from the right called, Monday, July 5 in a column published by Le Figaro, the organization of a primary for the French presidential election of 2022.

“The providential man or woman that some hoped has not imposed himself”, affirm these elected officials – in particular Valérie Pécresse, Laurent Wauquiez and Bruno Retailleau – in the gallery, also signed by the boss of the centrists Hervé Morin.

“The France team of the right and the center is taking shape. But we still lack a captain to lead us to victory,” they add, while a long-awaited political office of the Republicans must address the issue on Tuesday. of the presidential election.

Today, only one candidate is declared on the right: Xavier Bertrand (ex-LR), who also seems the best placed with 18% of voting intentions, according to a poll published on Sunday, against 14% to Valérie Pécresse (ex- LR) and 13% to Laurent Wauquiez (LR). But he does not crush the match, behind Emmanuel Macron (24%) and Marine Le Pen (26%).

“Speaking with one voice to the French”

To find its candidate for the presidential election of 2022, the direction of LR hopes that a leader will emerge naturally, and it announced that a giant study of 15,000 people would be organized by the fall.

An idea strongly contested by the signatories: “That polls, the reliability of which is more than ever in doubt, serve as a means of selecting our candidate can not satisfy anyone”, they say, while the regional have foiled the scenarios developed from opinion studies.

The calendar is also criticized, while the direction of LR intends to validate Tuesday the postponement to November of the nomination of the candidate: it is necessary, according to them, “to quickly define the mode of designation” because “faster (the question) will be decided, the sooner we can speak with one voice to the French “.

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The elected officials also describe as a “dead end” the idea of ​​leaving the choice of candidate to the sole management of LR. On the contrary, we must “rely on the clearest, most democratic system: the vote”.

Without explicitly talking about the primary – a tie-breaker that bristles the leadership of LR for its risk of deadly rivalries – the signatories are calling for a “popular vote, as broad as possible, open to all supporters of the right and the center”.

And so that those responsible for the right and the center “can agree on these rules of the game”, they call for a meeting “around a table in July, as quickly as possible”.

Because “there is urgency: to ensure the success of this nomination procedure, the candidates will have to reveal their intention by the start of the school year and the vote be organized as soon as possible”, they warn.

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