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Saudi prince targeted by investigation in France for human trafficking


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A member of the Saudi royal family is targeted by an investigation in France for modern slavery on its employees, opened in 2019 by the Nanterre prosecutor’s office, AFP learned on Monday, confirming information from the Parisian.

They had taken advantage of a trip to Paris to escape … Seven employees of a Saudi prince, most of Filipino origin, lodged a complaint in October 2019 for modern slavery, confirmed the Nanterre prosecutor’s office to AFP on Monday, July 5, specifying that an older complaint was attached to the procedure.

The facts go back several years, around 2008, 2013 and 2015 in an apartment in Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine). The complainants were heard “a few weeks ago”, according to a source close to the investigation specifying that the prince had not yet been heard by the investigators because he is not present on French territory. The servants, recruited in Saudi Arabia, and who followed the prince and his family to the two countries, allegedly escaped during a trip to France, the source added.

According to the Parisian, these women, responsible mainly for looking after the four children of the princely couple, were “available to their employer day and night all week”, some sleeping “on the floor”. The investigation is being carried out by the Neuilly-sur-Seine police station and by the department for the fight against organized crime linked to irregular immigration.

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