Covid, Johnson confirms: stop masks and distancing on July 19

England reopens all on July 19, off the masks and stop social distancing despite the delta variant. Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirms at a press conference his intention to lift the latest anti-covid restrictions on July 19 across England. Masks and respect for distances will no longer be mandatory, as well as the six-person rule for meetings in private homes and the guidelines for working from home will be abolished. A final check will be made on 12 July before giving the green light. Johnson is determined to go ahead with the lifting of the restrictions, despite the continued growth of infections due to the spread of the delta variant. According to the premier this is possible because the success of the vaccination campaign has broken the link between the number of cases and deaths. Johnson warned that there are forecasts of up to 50,000 cases per day at the end of the month and that “we must unfortunately reconcile with the idea of ​​other covid deaths”. “If we don’t do it now when we’ve done so much with vaccination to break the bond, when will we ever be able to do it?” Johnson wondered. More guidance on schools, travel and self-isolation will be released in the coming days. Johnson added that he will continue to carry the mask with him to wear it “out of courtesy” in crowded places. The British premier is responsible for the anti-covid rules in England only. Local governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will decide for their territories.

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