Ethiopia: the suffering of civilians in Tigray

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For eight months, in northern Ethiopia, the Tigray region has seen the federal army, supported by Eritrean soldiers and forces from the neighboring Amhara region, clash against Tigray forces of the TPLF. The fighting has left thousands dead and more than two million displaced. Humanitarian organizations face numerous obstacles in accessing remote areas of the region, posing a risk of famine for thousands of civilians. Reportage

On June 28, the Ethiopian government declared a unilateral ceasefire after suffering several military defeats, which offers hope for the civilian population. But the reconstruction work will be long, as many peasants were unable to plow their fields before the rainy season.

Report in the center of Tigray, one of the areas most affected by this war, by our correspondents Maria Gerth-Niculescu and Marika Julien.

A program prepared by Olivia Bizot.

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