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5 Things You Should Know This July 5: Search Work Continues After Building Demolition In Miami


Tropical Storm Elsa hits Cuba, Jamaica and approaches Florida. Meanwhile, heat hits much of the northern hemisphere. This is how covid-19 goes in Latin America. Also, what science has discovered in a little-explored strip of the ocean. This is what you need to know to start the day. Truth first.


Demolished remains of collapsed building in Miami

Demolition crews tore down the part of the structure that had been left standing after the building collapsed in Miami on June 24 on Sunday night. The measure was taken so that search teams can continue with operations among the rubble without the risk that this building represented and before the impact of Storm Elsa.


Tropical Storm Elsa in the Caribbean

Parts of southern Cuba are under hurricane warning due to the Elsa pass in the Caribbean. The system also hits Jamaica with heavy rains that could cause flash floods. Tropical Storm Elsa is expected to hit the Straits of Florida on Monday and hit the state directly on Wednesday.


Unprecedented heat in the northern hemisphere

Extreme temperatures in Canada, Russia, the United States and even in the Arctic Circle. Climate change is scorching the Northern Hemisphere with heat waves, fires, droughts and more. The effect is also felt in countries like India and Iraq. What do the experts say and what is the hot future that awaits the Earth in this century?


Covid-19 in Latin America

Colombia advances door-to-door vaccination, but the number of new cases and deaths from covid-19 continues to increase. In Brazil, they authorize investigation to the president, Jair Bolsonaro, for the purchase contract of Covaxin. Argentina is studying combining different vaccines against covid-19. This is how the week of July 5 begins in some of the countries most affected by the pandemic in Latin America.


Have Chinese vaccines against covid-19 failed?

Find out why covid-19 outbreaks in countries that use Chinese vaccines don’t necessarily mean the vaccines have failed. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines appear to be more effective than Sinovac and Sinopharm in limiting transmission, but whether the two WHO-approved Chinese vaccines have failed depends on the metrics of success.

At coffee time

Delve into the strange world of the twilight zone of the ocean

It is hundreds of meters deep, but not as far as the bottom of the ocean. And at that midpoint between light and shadow, science is making incredible discoveries.

What we can expect from the Copa América semifinals

The tournament enters the final stretch and Hugo Manu Correa tells us what we can expect from the last week of the Copa América with the Argentina-Colombia and Brazil-Peru matches.

The musical premieres of the week

Enrique Iglesias, J Balvin, Tainy, Lola Indigo and more collaborations between the premieres of the week. Find out here about the new themes and his music videos.

CDC advises against swimming with diarrhea, but all Twitter sees is a gif

The agency tweeted a warning that “a person with diarrhea can contaminate the entire pool,” along with an animated gif of a girl sliding down a slide leaving a brown streak.

Cows’ stomachs can break down hard-to-recycle plastic, study finds

A group of researchers in Austria may have found an unlikely solution to the problem of plastic pollution: the cows and the microbes inside their stomachs.

The number of the day

112 years

It is the age of Emilio Flores Márquez, a former sugarcane farmer from Puerto Rico who was confirmed as the oldest man in the world by Guinness World Records. In a few weeks he will be 113 years old.

Quote of the day

“No, no, you lost the elections”

The journalist Jorge Ramos said it while he rebuked Donald Trump after a press conference. Ramos asked the former president when he was going to admit that he lost the 2020 elections. This was Trump’s reaction.

Selection of the day

Facial epilators for women promise to remove hair quickly and painlessly

These devices are charged via USB cable and are waterproof

And to finish…

Joe Kelly brought a mariachi jacket to the White House that he traded for his shirt

During the Los Angeles Dodgers’ visit to the White House, to be honored by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, the outfit of pitcher Joe Kelly did not go unnoticed. The reliever wore a mariachi jacket and caught the attention of several, but the origin of that garment is what makes the story even more interesting.



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