Covid Great Britain, towards stop restrictions: Johnson speaks today

In Great Britain we are moving towards an end to anti-covid restrictions, despite the increase in infections due to the spread of the Indian variant. The expectation in the United Kingdom is growing for the statements by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the planned revocation, on July 19, of the latest anti-Coronavirus restrictions. According to the anticipations, the head of the London government is preparing to speak, during a press conference scheduled in Downing Street in the afternoon, of the need to “begin to learn to live with the virus”. Johnson will underline “the success of the vaccination program” – which has led to the administration of at least one dose of antidote to 86% of the population – but will not hide the fact “that the pandemic is not over” and that indeed “the cases will continue to increase in the coming weeks”. “We will all have to continue to carefully manage the risks related to Covid and exercise our judgment”, the head of the London government is preparing to declare, confirming that – starting from 19 July – those who have completed the vaccination will be able to go to countries in which the contagion situation is moderate without the need to stay in quarantine on return. The use of the mask will become voluntary within the majority of spaces and it will not be necessary for vaccinated people to isolate themselves after contact with a positive person. Opinions against the lifting of restrictions have multiplied within the scientific community where there was talk of the risk – in the presence of 24,248 new positive cases yesterday morning – of building “new variant factories”, according to the Guardian.

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