Journalist Jorge Ramos confronted Donald Trump on the presidential election

(CNN Spanish) – The journalist Jorge Ramos, from the UnivisiĆ³n network, had a brief face-to-face with former United States President Donald Trump. Following a June 30 press conference in Weslaco, Texas, where Trump was accompanying Governor Greg Abbott to discuss border wall plans, Ramos rebuked Trump:

“Will you finally acknowledge that you lost the election?”

“We won the election,” Trump responded.

Donald Trump in Weslaco, Texas, on June 30. Credit: Brandon Bell / Getty Images

Ramos continued to investigate the former president, saying “No, no, you lost the election, you lost the Electoral College, when are you going to recognize that?”

Trump said nothing more and left the room where the press conference took place.

The moment was captured on video and Ramos posted it on Twitter account from one of their shows on July 1.

Greg Abbott and Donald Trump on June 30 in Weslaco, Texas. Credit: Brandon Bell / Getty Images

Donald Trump was in South Texas supporting other state leaders on immigration plans and the border wall. During this visit, Trump commented that President Joe Biden is destroying the country for having suspended the construction of the wall and for having returned to the Pentagon US $ 2 billion that had been diverted for the construction of the border wall.

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