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Generation abstention: politics differently


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Between disappointment and rejection of the political world, millions of French people no longer want to vote, especially among young people. The parties are no longer able to interest, the traditional media are accused of participating in a failing democratic system. While the yellow vests crisis has highlighted an unprecedented level of mistrust of institutions and policies, and the abstention rate seems to increase from election to election, France 24 has gone out to meet those who no longer believe in politics.

Whether it is by moving to the countryside to live in community, or by using social networks to try to reinvent political action, they have chosen different paths to challenge the system. All, in any case, have decided to no longer exercise their right to vote.

Among them: Tatiana Ventôse, a political YouTuber who left with a crash the movement of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. It is now addressing the public directly to deliver its analyzes on the situation in France. She refuses to give her voice to a traditional party, none, according to her, proposing a radically different social project.

A collective in the Perche to “reinvent society”

The Quatre Vents collective is made up of young French people disillusioned by the system that does not defend enough ecology to their liking. Together, they gathered their savings to buy a house in the Perche, where they live in community. They rely on sharing and mutual aid to reinvent a model of society that suits them.

In a France where politics is a subject that has always fascinated crowds, the journalists of France 24 have met those who want to reinvent modes of governance. What they have in common is to want to change the system and reduce inequalities.



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