Delta variant, White House sends teams to low-vaccinated states

Delta variant of the covid, the White House is ready to send “surge teams” to counter the outbreaks of infections, due to the spread of the variant in particular in communities with low vaccination rates. These teams will work with local authorities for tracing, ensuring support for both testing, treatment and strengthening staff in vaccination centers. In particular, said the White House coordinator for the fight against the coronavirus, Jeff Zients, the administration intends to increase communication about the benefits of vaccination, in particular to defend itself against the spread of the Delta variant, which now constitutes about 25% of the total number of cases registered in the country. The establishment of these anti-Delta teams confirms the Biden administration’s concern for areas of the country where resistance to vaccination is high, which risks creating, as Anthony Fauci said in recent days, “two Americas” in the face of the danger Delta variant. “If we look at the whole country we have made incredible progress to put an end to the pandemic – said the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Rochelle Walensky – but if we look at individual states and counties, it is clear that still many unvaccinated people remain vulnerable “. Walensky said there are about a thousand counties in the country with vaccination rates of less than 30 percent, particularly in Southern and Mid-West states. “In some of these areas we are already witnessing an increase in infections – he then warned – while the Delta variant continues to spread in the country, we expect an increase in spread in these communities, unless we are able to vaccinate more people” Yesterday Arkansas recorded the highest number of cases in the past 4 months for the second consecutive day, 700 compared to 686 the day before, with the governor, Republican Asa Hutchinson, urging everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible. possible.

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