Collapsed building in Florida: rescuers await “miracle”

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While President Joe Biden is due Thursday at Surfside, rescuers continue their hard work, but after six days of searching the chances of locating survivors are dwindling. The latest report shows 12 dead and 149 people missing. The report by Matthieu Mabin, our special correspondent in Florida in the United States.

Six days of research, 12 dead and 149 people still missing: questions were increasingly pressing, Tuesday, June 29, on the causes of the deadly collapse of a building in Surfside, Florida, where Joe Biden will visit Thursday.

Rescue operations continue in an attempt to locate survivors. Two large cranes are used to carefully remove the debris. Firefighters, who work day and night, are supported by image and sound search technologies to locate air pockets where people may still be alive, even if hope is dwindling. as the days go by.

Among those still missing are dozens of Latin Americans from Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay. According to our special correspondent at Surfside, Matthieu Mabin, rescuers are now waiting for “a miracle”.

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