Covid, Kim: “Serious accident creates crisis”. And it removes officials

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un curries party officials for denouncing shortcomings in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic that led to what he called a “serious accident”, which resulted in a “huge crisis” in the country’s battle against Covid. -19. Kim spoke of a “serious incident” related to the handling of the coronavirus pandemic in North Korea during an enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of the Workers’ Party. He complained – reports the KCNA agency, which speaks of replaced officials – as responsible for “important affairs of state” have “neglected” the implementation of “important decisions on the adoption of organizational, institutional, scientific and technological measures” regarding the “epidemic prevention” in relation to the “global health crisis”. Thus a “great crisis” was produced with respect to the “security of the state and the people”, with “serious consequences”. There are no details, but during the meeting, which was held yesterday, “negligence was repeatedly criticized. , the inability and irresponsibility “of the officials regarding the implementation of the directives and it was decided to” evaluate “the work of some officials to” take appropriate measures “. And, according to the KCNA, several members of the Politburo, secretaries of the Central Committee and officials of various agencies have been replaced. To date, North Korea has never confirmed a single case of the coronavirus, but has recently called for a “maximum alert” in light of the spread of the Delta variant.

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