NewsWorldThe police kill Lázaro Barbosa, a fugitive for almost...

The police kill Lázaro Barbosa, a fugitive for almost 20 days and accused of several crimes in Brazil


(CNN Spanish) – After an intense search for almost 20 days in a state in central Brazil, the Goiás Civil Police found and killed Lázaro Barbosa this Monday in a confrontation, according to a statement.

With an extensive criminal history, the 32-year-old fugitive had been wanted since June 9 and, according to Agencia Brasil, he is a suspect in the murder of four members of a family on a farm in the Federal District. Barbosa had already been convicted of murder in Bahia.

According to the Police, he escaped from prison three times and was accused of various crimes since 2007. The days he was a fugitive caused panic among residents around the Federal District and in the vicinity of the city of Cocalzinho.

The Police reported that it will continue investigating other crimes attributed to Lázaro Barbosa “for the complete clarification and accountability of any perpetrator.” At the time of being located, he fired several shots at the police and had more than 4,000 reais (about US $ 800) in cash in his pocket, they said. He was transferred to a municipal hospital in Águas Lindas de Goiás, where he died of his injuries.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro congratulated the security forces for their work to “put an end to the terror exercised” by Lázaro Barbosa. “His victims, yes, did not have a second chance,” he wrote on his Twitter account.



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