• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Mo, Di Segni: “No to one-way appeals, Israel must defend itself”


May 10, 2021

“One-way appeals should not be launched to Israel. It is hallucinating that it is the only one to be urged to stand still, to withdraw, to wait, undergoing all this unleashing of violence. What happens in Jerusalem expands, there is great concern everywhere, with the regret that all this happens on a day that was supposed to be a celebration. It is absurd that these limitations are subjected. Israel must defend itself “. Noemi Di Segni, president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, said this to Adnkronos, commenting on the clashes in Jerusalem at dawn today. “We must distinguish between intimidating words and reasonable acts – adds the president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities – responding to the words spoken by the leader of Hamas and to the accusations made by the Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh against the Israeli government – That they give ultimatums to Israel is certainly not new, if it were for them they would have to give them back all of Israel within five minutes and this is normal in the dialectic and style of Palestinian terrorist associations or those who govern them. The problem is how the rest of the world reacts, how it supports them. The expectation is not that the Palestinians are reasonable but the other states, that the United Nations knows how to be lucid, not that they blame Israel. It is not that the Israeli police wake up in the morning, do not know what to do and intervenes in this way, it is clear that they are acts of defense of a situation of incendiary violence solicited by the Palestinian side “.” Now or of course all the attention is on the recent launch of missiles and the invitation to enter protected areas throughout Jerusalem and the surrounding area – continues Di Segni -. We follow with our hearts suspended minute by minute what is happening. Israel must defend itself. One cannot remain inert. We do not see, we understand: here we must realize that there is an escalation that has been desired and planned for weeks “. (By Silvia Mancinelli)