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In Syria, pro-Iran militias respond to US raids


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Pro-Tehran militias launched projectiles on Monday evening at a US military base in eastern Syria, in retaliation for the US raids the day before. The international anti-jihadist coalition, led by Washington, immediately responded with “heavy artillery fire”.

Pro-Iranian militias fired shells on the evening of Monday, June 28 at an American base in eastern Syria, prompting retaliatory fire from the international anti-jihadist coalition, according to an NGO, in the aftermath of American raids against Iranian supporters in Iraq and Syria.

On the night of Sunday to Monday, the United States carried out strikes against these militias in response to attacks in recent months against their interests in Iraq, blamed on factions loyal to Tehran, who have promised to avenge their dead.

This escalation comes at a time when efforts are underway for a return by the United States to the Iran nuclear deal, which offers Tehran sanctions relief in exchange for its pledge to never acquire the weapon. nuclear power and a drastic reduction in its nuclear program.

No victim

On Monday evening, pro-Iranian militias fired several shells at a US military base in the Al-Omar oil field, near Deir Ezzor, a town not far from the Iraqi border, causing material damage but without causing any damage. victims, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH).

The official Syrian agency Sana also reported firing of “missiles” having “targeted the military base of the American occupying forces” in Al-Omar, without specifying the origin.

“At approximately 7.44 p.m. local time (4.44 p.m. GMT), US forces in Syria were attacked by several rockets. There were no casualties and the damage is being assessed,” said on Twitter. coalition spokesperson Wayne Marotto.


Planes from the Washington-led coalition were flying over the area, said OSDH, which has a vast network of sources in warring Syria, where several foreign militias, including Iraqis, are fighting alongside the Syrian regime.

The coalition responded with “heavy artillery fire” on the town of Al-Mayadine, controlled by pro-Tehran militias near Deir Ezzor, Observatory director Rami Abdel told AFP. Rahmane.

“The American forces (…) acted in self-defense and carried out artillery fire (…) on the positions from which the rockets were launched”, confirmed in another tweet the colonel Marotto.

“Strong” message

Visiting Rome, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said earlier in the day that the nightly US strikes against pro-Iran militias in Iraq and Syria were a “strong” message to prevent any further attacks on interests. Americans.

In Baghdad, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi denounced him a “flagrant violation of” Iraqi sovereignty, while calling “to avoid escalation”. He reiterated his refusal to see Iraq used “as a ground for settling scores” between its two great allies, neighboring Iran and the United States.

Damascus, for its part, condemned “an American aggression”, stressing that it was a “flagrant violation” of the sovereignty of the two countries, according to Sana.

The US operation is the second of its kind in Syria since Joe Biden arrived at the White House. About twenty fighters were killed in the first, in February.

After the raids, Iran accused the United States of “disrupting regional security”. The Lebanese Hezbollah, ally of Damascus and Tehran, condemned a “treacherous American aggression”.

Paris for its part reaffirmed “France’s support for the stability and sovereignty of Iraq”, condemning the “unacceptable attacks (…) against the interests of the coalition”.

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