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The Memory and Tolerance Museum of Mexico City presents the exhibition “LGBT + Beyond the Rainbow”


(CNN Spanish) – The Memory and Tolerance Museum from Mexico City presents the temporary exhibition “LGBT + Beyond the Rainbow” for pride month around the world.

It seeks to make a call to understand the differences between human beings to promote a harmonious coexistence whose impact eradicates discrimination.

“LGBT + beyond the rainbow”, a celebration of life

“LGBT + Beyond the Rainbow” is a space for empathy and celebration, divided into six themes.

Linda Atach, director of temporary exhibitions at the museum and curator of this exhibition, says that it all begins with the family: «In the beginning, we sought to open our understanding to diversity in families. We understand that traditional families are the only ones that exist, and this is not the case. “

«In a second topic, we talk about the sex with which you have to be born. Here we clarify that, although a person can be born with one sex, they can manifest and manifest their gender identity in the other. Boys don’t necessarily have to play with balls and girls with dolls. This is a way of making the public see that we have to be open and we have to accept that children at some point can express themselves according to their gender identity, and respect them.

A phrase that can cause many emotions: “come out of the closet.” “In the third theme, visitors will literally experience what it is like to come out of a closet. The visitor will be in a closet for a few minutes, because with this method we want them to empathize, to empathize with that moment of confinement, darkness, anguish, pain ».

Here, the closet also offers several very powerful phrases that speak of despair, anguish and the lack of freedom. The doors open and one goes out into a bright, colorful room, with the colors of diversity, where each of the aspects of sexual diversity are explained, ”he adds.

The LGBT + exhibition is held with the support of the Ford Foundation, Sanofi, P & G, Dow, Fondo Unido México and Calvin Klein, companies that work to build equity (Photo: Museo Memoria y Tolerancia).

The colorful hope

The fourth theme of the exhibition “LGBT + Beyond the Rainbow” talks about the justification of the ancestral existence of diversity.

“Here is a very comprehensive timeline, with many events that talk about diversity. Why do we do it? Because we want people to understand that this is not a fad. This arose from the beginning of humanity ”, assures Atach.

But not everything is color, there is also a dark side, which is the fifth theme of the exhibition, explains Linda Atach, who is also the curator of this exhibition.

What happens when one comes out of the closet? Well, it faces discrimination, violence, lack of labor inclusion, lack of educational inclusion. We deploy pending tasks in that dark sense, a map with very severe data about discrimination in the world, including how this is legislated, where there is a death penalty for expressing oneself and loving who one loves and all through a dashboard. black and white chess ».

In closing, it might sound like a hackneyed phrase, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. How is diversity viewed today? Is there hope that the taboos and fears will disappear?

Here we have chess in a colorful, festive room. This room talks about progress, it talks about actions, appropriate actions, correct movements, respect, inclusion, advances in society. This room is very festive. She is beautiful. And it is the closing of this exhibition that finally seeks to endorse pride in diversity “, concludes Linda Atach.

The idea of ​​the chess board is that visitors meditate on how to act, how they move their pieces. (Photo Museum Meoria y Tolerancia)

Open to all

“LGBT + beyond the rainbow is for those who have ever been rejected or discriminated against for manifesting as they are, for loving who they love, violated for believing in what they believe or living as they live,” they explain from the sample.

According to the Memory and Tolerance Museum, “the idea of ​​this space is reflection, and it is open to whoever seeks respect, for those who have disapproved, attacked and judged others for their sexual identity, offering a self-regulated environment to achieve a level of reflection and self-criticism that modifies certain actions ».

Throughout six themes, visitors will be able to experience different stages of the LGBT + community up close: the birth of the community, its history over time, the darkness that is lived and the hope that one seeks to have. (Photo Museum Memory and Tolerance)

This exhibition seeks to leave a mark on visitors, it is proposed that as long as there are expressions of disqualification and intolerance towards any form of diversity, we will continue on the wrong path.

If you are in Mexico City, you can visit the exhibition “LGBT + Beyond the Rainbow” at the Memory and Tolerance Museum located in Plaza Juárez, Historical Center in front of the Hemiciclo a Juárez in Alameda, until August 30.

But if you are not or you do not feel safe in going out, you can visit this exhibition virtually by clicking here.



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