Ministry of Defense and Prosecutor’s Office investigate complaints about alleged interference by Vladimiro Montesinos in the Peruvian electoral process

(CNN Spanish) – The Ministry of Defense of Peru assured, through a statement issued on Saturday, that it will provide all facilities to the competent authorities for the investigation of a series of audios presented at a press conference by the Peruvian politician, former congressman and former candidate for the presidency Fernando Olivera , where the former adviser of former President Alberto Fujimori Vladimiro Montesinos is allegedly heard in an alleged coordination with an interlocutor to contact magistrates of the National Elections Jury and in this way interfere in the proclamation of the results of the elections of the second presidential round that are held. took place on Sunday June 6.

In this regard, the Attorney General’s Office announced, through its Twitter account, that an investigation has been initiated into the events denounced by Olivera.

Vladimiro Montesinos, former adviser to former President Alberto Fujimori, in a 2001 file image (Credit: Jaime Razuri / AFP / Getty Images)

The content of the audios

Olivera presented at a press conference a series of conversations in which a person he identifies as Montesinos (incarcerated in a military prison serving a sentence for various crimes) allegedly instructs an interlocutor to seek a lawyer in order to influence the decisions of the plenary session of the National Elections Jury to favor Keiko Fujimori.

“You have to communicate with him for a personal meeting, and he is going to tell you you have to pay so many fees,” Montesinos is supposedly heard saying in one of the audios.

Olivera says that the interlocutor is the retired Army officer Pedro Rejas and that the lawyer in question would be Guillermo Sendón, who, according to the former congressman, is close to three of the four members of the National Elections Jury.

According to the politician, through a retired Army general, Rejas contacted him to comment that “Vladimiro Montesinos had contacted him for purposes contrary to democracy.”

In conversation with CNN, Olivera reiterated that they tried to do “everything to impose the proclamation of Keiko Fujimori.” CNN has not been able to verify the authenticity of these audios.

CNN has tried to know the position of the legal defense of Vladimiro Montesinos so far without success. CNN has also tried to establish contact with Pedro Rejas, without positive results until the closing of this information.

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Montesinos is in prison serving a sentence for several crimes related to corruption and human rights violations during the Alberto Fujimori regime, in a maximum security penal establishment within a Peruvian Navy Base, in coordination with the National Penitentiary Institute (INPE).

Olivera also showed a video that, he says, was recorded by Rejas himself, which shows his alleged conversation with Sendón. In it, you can hear who the lawyer would be to point out that he has contact with a magistrate of the National Elections Jury and that there were three votes, “it costs 3 clubs, 1 club each”, to which Rejas supposedly asked “three million of dollars?” and Sendón answers yes in the aforementioned recording.

Lawyer Guillermo Sendón, in videos broadcast on his social networks and in interviews with various local media, acknowledged that he spoke with Pedro Rejas, although he denied having committed any wrongdoing and pointed out in his defense that what he was looking for when talking with Rejas was to know if There was fraud, because he is part of a team of people that is supporting democracy, he maintains.

He claimed that what he said to Rejas was to play along and that he was very specific, but that Rejas never called him again. Sendón assures that at no time did he intend to make “any purchase of anything” and that therefore the amounts he spoke of were absurd to “know if they were really considering the possibility of doing so”, added Sedón, who assures that ” There was never any assurance that a fraud was going to be committed, if it had not been denounced ».

For his part, Keiko Fujimori, in a meeting with his supporters on Saturday night, rejected any connection with an alleged attempt by Vladimiro Montesinos to interfere in his favor in the National Elections Jury.

The Fuerza Popular candidate said in this regard: “I reject this type of insinuation where it is also noted that this is armed in a crude and cantinflesque way.”

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Vladimiro Montesinos’ calls from prison

The Navy issued a statement stating that the Maximum Security Detention Center, where Montesinos is being held, has a fixed telephone line, provided by INPE, so that inmates have exceptional communication with their families and lawyers, previous authorization of the regents of the prison. This document indicates that Montesinos requested authorization on May 28 to make calls on June 10 and 23, in which he talks with unregistered or authorized persons. CNN does not know if those dates correspond to those of the alleged recordings.

The Ministry of Defense reported this Saturday that they “immediately” relieved the officer in charge of the Maximum Security Detention Center (Cerec) where Montesinos is being held together with the three duty officers assigned to the month of June in charge of dialing the telephones and guard inmates during their calls. These four people were made available to the Peruvian Navy Personnel Administration Directorate while the investigations are being carried out. In a statement, they also reported that they will ask the telephone company for the complete list of calls made from the landline phone installed in Cerec while the protocols will be strengthened to prevent these events from happening again. They added that all this will be reported to the Public Ministry.

The Prosecutor’s Office appointed Judge Bersabeth Revilla, head of the Second Special Prosecutor’s Office for Crimes committed by public officials, in charge of the investigation, to which is added the investigation announced by the Navy.

The process to proclaim the winner

It should be noted that Olivera has been demanding since December that a new electoral process be carried out because, as he points out, the National Elections Jury rejected the registration of his presidential candidacy by the Political party Frente Esperanza despite, in his version, having met all the requirements required by law. Likewise, Olivera declares himself against any alternative that implies a military coup d’état or a breakdown of democratic continuity in Peru.

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This complaint comes at a high point in the electoral contest in Peru, since it is the National Elections Jury (JNE) after having resulted in the observations presented in this process and on the eve of proclaiming a winner of the second round, it underwent changes. Judge Juan Luis Arce, representative of the Attorney General’s Office before the JNE, declined his position. This forced the succession determined in the law, which fell on the also Supreme Attorney Víctor Raúl Rodríguez Monteza, who was sworn in on Saturday morning.

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