Coquerel (France Insoumise): “the French have made it clear that they don’t want the Macron – Le Pen duel”

“A democracy cannot live with such a gap between the people and universal suffrage. If we do nothing I fear the worst for the future. It is a phenomenon that has deep roots and it is not an accidental fact”. This was stated at Adnkronos by the French deputy of La France insoumise Éric Coquerel, taking stock of the regional and departmental elections which saw a record of abstention that was around 66% in both the first and second rounds. The electoral round saw the Gaullists of Les Républicains assert themselves as the first political force in the country. Disappointing results for the far-right Rassemblement national party of Marine Le Pen which does not win even a region but also for the République en Marche, the party of the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron which in the first round obtained only 10% of the suffrages. For the exponent of the left party led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the result of these elections “demonstrates the failure of the Fifth Republic which brings together all the powers around a single person. Precisely for this reason France Insoumise – explains Coquerel – proposes the ‘establishment of the Sixth Republic to restore a real parliamentary regime and start an electoral reform that provides, in particular, the counting of blank ballots and a non-accumulation of mandates “. For the deputy of the Seine-Saint-Denis, the department located in the Paris region, moreover, “the government failed to organize the elections”. In particular, notes Coquerel, “with regard to the distribution of electoral material which has been entrusted to private companies in recent years and which have meant that hundreds of thousands of Frenchmen did not have the electoral material available”. Coquerel, ‘the debate did not concern the real problems, it is not surprising abstentionism’ The deputy of La France Insoumise also points the finger at a debate that has been focused by the media – political system and by the government on issues far from everyday reality of the French. “The debate was focused on identity, religious and migratory issues rather than on issues such as health, school, work and training. We should not be surprised if the French did not want to vote. The debate of this local election it was too focused on issues that do not concern the daily life of the French and their priorities. There was no discussion of issues related to the regions and departments. There was no talk of the problems of poverty, unemployment, school. we must be surprised by the lack of interest shown by the French “he says. Abstention among young people between 18 and 25 is particularly significant in France. According to the analysis, more than 8 out of 10 young people would have deserted the polls. “I don’t think young people are disinterested in politics. On the contrary. I observe that many young people between 18 and 25 are very busy and mobilize for causes they believe in. They probably consider that it makes more sense to mobilize to defend a cause than to go to to vote. This lack of interest is linked to the democratic system of the Fifth Republic which has fossilized. By dint of distancing themselves from politics, the risk is that they will choose not to vote even in the presidential elections and this would be the ultimate sign of the crisis of our regime ” . Traditionally, observes Coquerel, “we go to vote for more important elections but this time it is not said. And the responsibility lies with those who govern and with the mainstream media that did not allow social and environmental problems to be debated. the electoral campaign only of the themes desired by Macron and by those he thinks could make him win in the presidential elections against Le Pen “. Coqurel, ‘the French said or clearly that they do not want a duel Macron – Le PenE for the deputy of La France Insoumise the Macron-Le Pen duel anticipated by many observers for the presidential elections of 2022 is not at all obvious. “One of the great lessons of these elections is the great the distance between the polls and reality. According to the polls, the Rassemblement National would have won 3-4 regions and instead did not win even one region “, explains Coquerel.” Another lesson is the monumental slap in the face of Macron’s politics. La République en Marche – he continues – has not won in any region. We can say what we want but it is a disavowal of government policies. The presidents of the outgoing regions have almost all been re-elected. They benefited from a bonus for their actual or supposed management of the Covid crisis but the government was not recognized. “Rassemblement National, on the other hand,” failed and failed to mobilize its voters in the regions where it could have won. as in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur “where the candidate Thierry Mariani who collected ‘only’ 42.7% of the votes against the 57.3% obtained by the candidate of Les Républicains and outgoing president, Renaud Muselier.” French made it clear that they did not want the Macron – Le Pen duel “. The outcome of the elections, Coquerel emphasizes,” shows that we are right in asking for the passage to the Sixth Republic. The presidential elections will be more open and we would have a card to play. Moreover, where the left has been united as in La Reunion and in Guyana, the left has won “. In the first round of the presidential elections” it will not be possible “to unite all the forces of the left” also because the PS, the socialist party, has the impression to be reborn with these elections and thus become a hegemonic and sectarian party again. We will see with the Greens and with the other left forces. In the second round, however, perhaps there will be the opportunity to have our say “, underlines Coquerel.” However, the drive of those who want to send home those who govern is not exhausted … “, he concludes.

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