The 5 things you should know this June 28: The number of deaths increases after a building collapse in Miami

Rescue work continues in Miami. The United States carries out airstrikes against Iranian-backed militia groups. Princess Diana would turn 60 this week. Also, today is International LGBTQ Pride Day. This is what you need to know to start the day. Truth first.


More than 150 missing in Miami tragedy

So far there are nine people killed after the collapse of a building in Miami, Florida, in the early hours of Thursday. Of these victims, the authorities have identified eight people and have indicated that there are more than 150 missing persons, 31 of them from Latin American countries. Relief teams are working non-stop to find survivors, and on Sunday the families of the victims were taken to the scene of the tragedy.


Joe Biden orders air strikes

The US president ordered precision airstrikes on facilities used by Iranian-backed militia groups in the Iraqi-Syrian border region on Sunday night, a Defense Department press release reported.


Millionaire reward in Colombia after attack on president

The Colombian Defense Minister announced a reward of up to US $ 800,000 for information that allows finding those responsible for the attack on the helicopter that was transferring President Iván Duque on Friday night in the city of Cúcuta. Two spoken portraits of the alleged attackers were also released.


Covid-19 in Latin America

Colombia, Paraguay and Brazil break their records for new cases of covid-19. Controversy over the booster dose in the Dominican Republic. Vaccination advances in Argentina and Mexico. This is how the week of June 28 begins in some of the countries most affected by the pandemic in the region.


LGBTQ pride day

This Monday is the International LGBTQ Pride Day. It is aimed at anyone who feels that their sexual identity is left out of the mainstream, and also an opportunity to show support for the community, observe, listen and educate themselves. This is how the LGBTQ community lives in Latin America.

At coffee time

Princess Diana would turn 60 this week

Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, would have turned 60 on July 1. To mark the occasion, Princes William and Harry will attend a tribute to their mother in London.

8 takeaways from the US government’s big UFO report

The report released this week is not an in-depth study on UFOs nor does it confirm or discredit the existence of extraterrestrial life. But it has interesting facts. Read this review.

Man with Alzheimer’s forgot he was married and falls in love with his wife again

Learn about Peter and Lisa Marshall, who had been married since 2009 but their relationship was affected when Peter was diagnosed with the disease in 2018. That’s how they coped.

Accident investigation opened in Tour de France

During the first stage of the race, a woman stood in front of the group of competitors with a poster and caused a major accident that even left several cyclists out of the competition.

Cristiano Ronaldo leaves an indelible mark by saying goodbye to Euro 2020

With the elimination of Portugal, Euro 2020 has the way open for a new champion. Despite Ronaldo saying goodbye to the competition, the Portuguese left an impressive performance.

The number of the day

US $ 16,000

It is the amount that a customer left a tip in a restaurant in New Hampshire, after having consumed approximately two hot dogs, French fries, a Coke, a beer and a shot of tequila.

Quote of the day

“My mom told me the day before that she heard noises in the building”

It was said by Pablo Rodríguez, one of the dozens of people who is looking for and hopes to find their relatives alive in the tragedy of the collapsed building in Miami. Look for her grandmother and her mother.

Selection of the day

Buy a Kindle and download all these books for free

The best thing about having a Kindle is its battery and the ability to carry hundreds of books in your pocket.

And to finish…

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and his other passion

The multi-champion boxing champion Saúl Álvarez shared a video on his social networks in which he is seen riding a horse. In addition, the Mexican athlete said he has a great passion for these animals.

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