Regional in France: “Elections without surprises or voters”

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On the front page of the press, this Monday, June 28, the reactions to the results of the second round, yesterday, of the departmental and regional in France. A vote marked, once again, by an almost record abstention, one year from the presidential election.

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On the front page of the press, the second round yesterday, regional and departmental in France. A vote marked, again, by an almost record abstention rate: 65%.

After a “calamitous” first round, “the second did not mobilize more”, “as if, whatever the stakes, to give strength to his ideas or to block the road to those we are fighting, l ‘voter did not see the point’ of voting: Humanity evokes a “civic strike” that he attributes in the first place to “the depoliticization of the ballot” by Emmanuel Macron, and to “the ultra-personalization of public life around the fantasized Macron-Le Pen duel in the 2022 presidential election”. Elections “without surprises or voters”: Mediapart speaks of democratic fatigue ”, and quotes the analysis of sociologist Jérémie Moualek:“ Citizens have the feeling that elected officials are “totally impermeable” to the nature of the votes ”. Seen from Belgium, the level of abstention in France is perceived as the “symptom” of a “damaged democracy” by a “solitary presidency, the marginalization of intermediary bodies, and the weakness of an opposition reduced to vain vociferations” : “What is urgent, warns Le Soir, is to understand those left behind in politics, and show them that their fate is not inevitable.”

First big loser of these elections: the National Rally of Marine Le Pen, which ultimately won no region. “The failed RN”: Release salutes the “efficiency” of the republican front in Paca, where the RN candidate Thierry Mariani failed against LR Renaud Muselier, despite his party’s efforts to “smooth out his speech”. A strategy of “demonization” which would have kept frontist voters away from the polls, according to part of the National Rally. “RN, the halt”: Le Parisien / Today in France He also evokes “a hard blow for Marine Le Pen”, who relied heavily on the regional to “demonstrate the merits of its standardization strategy”. His party is ultimately the first to pay the price for abstention, hence Ranson’s drawing, where a voter rejoices: “More and more strong!” We manage to block the National Rally without leaving the house ”. “The magic of teleworking,” replies his wife. For the Swiss daily Time, massive abstention turned into a “fatal trap” for the RN. “Less than a year before the presidential election in April 2022, the 17th congress of the National Rally, July 3 and 4, will be that of pain and angry questions,” the newspaper predicts.

Another big loser, La République en Marche, the presidential party. No region, either, for the majority. “It gets complicated for Macron”: The president “dreamed of stepping over the regional”, but Opinion considers that the electoral “dynamic” has “changed sides”, and that it is no longer on the side of the RN or that of LREM, the defeat of the extreme right being moreover presented as “the other bad news for the Head of State, who is seeing his preferred scenario begin to move away: a second round of the presidential election against an easy-to-beat Marine Le Pen ”. “Macron, Le Pen, the double sanction”: according to Le Figaro, one year before the presidential election, the political game would have “never been so open”, even if “the post-electoral landscape”, the day after the regional elections, “is partly in trompe-l’oeil”, because the ‘abstention in this ballot does not mean that voters will abstain as much in 2022. Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron losers. In Germany, the Frankfruter Allgemeine Zeitung notes both the failure of the strategy of Marine Le Pen, who sought to “nationalize” the ballot, as the persistent inability of LREM to establish itself locally.

The departing ones, they are comforted, since the presidents of regions have all been renewed. “The left and the right are back in the game” and The cross is delighted to see the voters choose “moderation and experience, in an era which practices a lot of degagism”, even if the extremely high level of abstention, should have led the victors to “a greater modesty”, according to him. A feeling shared by The world, which sees “the revenge of the parties of the” old world “tarnished by record abstention”: “Their score, as a percentage of votes cast, appears high. Compared to the number of registrants, it melts and diminishes their legitimacy, ”notes the newspaper.

“The bonus for leavers benefits the classic right to the full” and the Lebanese daily Orient Day sees the republican barons, Xavier Bertrand, Valérie Pécresse and Laurent Wauquiez “regain their momentum”, to set the “course for 2022”. But by then, the French right will have to reach a consensus, to succeed in separating them, which will not be an easy task: the Spanish daily El Pais has not forgotten “the fratricidal fights (which) have fractured the right for a decade” and is “not certain” that its leaders now succeed in “making peace” …

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